Diamonds Suddenly Unearthed

A love letter from Papa God.



“Waiting to exhale as you plow through the pressure and pain. I know that you are tired and the tides have been strong. You may feel alone and scared but I have a banquet for you prepared. Hold on, keep going, your almost there. What is coming is much better than anything that you have suffered. You are a real diamond and real diamonds are rare. A real diamond is one who has been tested and approved through the faith-testing of My words. You have endured long but you’re coming up now.  


Exquisite diamonds are formed through extreme heat and pressure, often unearthed from a volcanic eruption. The afflicting pressure is causing a sudden revealing of what I have spoken. A diamond is thoroughly tested with a strong press and certified through inspection. The facets of a real diamond are sharped with flaws in the stone. Like genuine scars that once bled but have become part of the radiance.


Keep pushing with your faith, may the shadow of death never get you down. The darkest valley leads to a glorious pasture. I will make something good out of the devastation that you have battled. I’ve got you, don’t worry. You are sheltered in My protective arms. I am looking out for you. The sun will rise even after the darkest night. This is the start of something beautiful. Set Me before you, keep My Words in your sight. I am shielding you and guarding you as the apple of My eye.


Even scarcity and famine cannot separate you from My love. You will always harvest from the seed that was planted. Believe in the fruition of My word. Keep climbing this mountain, the best views are found after the hardest climbs. Enter into the joy and peace of believing as you trust. I am a good Father and you are my beloved one. Your mourning will turn to dancing and I will paint diamonds out of your tears.


I am causing you to ride the high hills of the earth, keep delighting in Me and accepting My will. I am able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think. Hold tightly without wavering to your hope. I can be trusted to keep every Promise. The unmovable opposition has been broken up. Rest in My timing, everything is coming according to My plan. Expect the unexpected, the dazzling diamonds of My Promises are coming up suddenly from the dirt”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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