Linger with Expectation

Psalms 22:2 TPT

Why do you remain distant,

refusing to answer my tearful

cries in the day and my

desperate cries for your

help in the night?

A love letter from the Lord to those in a cocoon of waiting.

“A butterfly cocoon is a dark and lonely place of waiting. A cocoon can be a place of feeling stuck. The cocoon is far from attractive, but it is in this humble place where a miracle happens. In the cocoon, the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Although the cocoon is surrounded by darkness, refuse to be swallowed by it, focus your attention on the promises within. You have greatness within you and a purpose to fulfill.
Dear one, don’t give up, even if you are feeling worn out. Your inner being is being renewed every single day. The difficulties that you face are producing a weighty-glory that is beyond anything that you can compare. What you see at this moment is only temporary and fading away. My Words to you are eternal, so live by faith and not by sight.
You are blessed to be a blessing and stronger than you think. Tarry in the place of waiting. I am refilling you with miracle power to see your promises fulfilled. I will hide you in the Shadow of My Wings. I am your Refuge. I will hide you in safety from the plots of men and secretly keep you from the strife of tongues. My large outstretched arms protect you, under them you are perfectly safe. My angels guard you in all of your ways.
You are free to be fearless, be afraid of nothing. I will hold you above all who try to pull you down. You are bold with resilient strength in your soul. I am before you always to keep you safe. Let your heart be happy, I am the God who sees all.
I hem you in before and behind and lay My protective hand over your life. I will see you through this. Move through the doubts as I resurrect your hope so you can see the fulfillment of your promise. I am your strength when you are weary, a safe place when you feel insecure. Wait for My help, be strong and brave. Recline into My presence as I blanket you with My power.
This is your moment of breakthrough, push through with believing. Refill yourself with My promises, rise up and expect again. Stars can’t shine without darkness, keep trusting Me. When your heart is overwhelmed, run to the higher Rock. I would do anything just to see you smile. I am always faithful to deliver your needs.
I have cared for you ever since you were a baby and I have cradled you throughout your days. I am the first responder to save you from sufferings, relax in My oasis of peace. Rest in My extravagant love, you will be revived and restored as you lean into My quiet brooks. The comfort of My love takes all fear away. Indulge in My fountain and drink until your heart overflows.
My goodness and love surround you all of your days. I am pushing back the oceans so the dry ground will appear. True to My Word, I have given you a chance to catch your breath before I send you in the new direction of My plan. Awaken to My love that bubbles with refreshing springs. Rest your burdens in My hand, those who trust in Me will not be put to shame.
I have never failed you, don’t forget that. I am your fortress of protection. The still waters of waiting run deep, concealing more than what you can see. I will instantly raise the low places of desperation to be the places that you are outrageously blessed. You may not know how, but something wonderful is happening now. Linger here with expectation in this place of rest”.
Written by Dannette Lynn

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