A love letter from Jesus.


“If your heart is broken like shattered glass and the losses left are far too great. If your tears are backed up like water reservoirs and the pain has left you shattered. My love will bloom to heal and transform the wreckage. I have sorrow and compassion for your sufferings. I cut the channels in the rocks, My eyes see every precious thing. I will comfort your ruins and transform your devastation into a glorious garden of love and laughter. I will rescue you from your troubles.


Trust Me in the midst of all of the loss. Lean on My shoulder and come to My place of refuge. Stop and smell the roses, My love is healing your heart and making you stronger. Trust Me to do the impossible, the battle is Mine, not yours. Having lost it all, trust Me to rebuild you. Rest in My promises and give all of your worries and cares to Me, because I care for you. Let’s move forward beyond the pain that demands attention. I will give life to your dreams and I will call those things that do not exist as though they do.


There is a time for every purpose under heaven. Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning. I am drawing you closer to My heart through this moment of brokenness. I am collecting the pieces of shattered glass to create something lovely. The unlikely beauty from brokenness will take your breath away.


All losses are painful, but a joyful heart is good medicine. Learn to dance through the pain, let it all go and keep going. My Word will come to rescue you, trust Me to take care of you. You are surrounded by My lovingkindness and tender mercies. I am filling your life with good things and radical provision. Like a blowing hurricane, My unending love is revealing My faithfulness.


O afflicted one tossed with tempest and not comforted. I will transform the broken glass of your life into colorful gems. I will break open a shaft of treasures from the darkness of glimmering diamonds, sapphires, and gold dust. I will block up the streams from trickling and what is hidden, I will bring out to the light. The barren and empty places that survived the storm will be adorned with amazing beauty.


The pounding waves transformed the shattered glass into magnificent gems of the sea. Every single situation works toward your benefit. The delicate shards of broken glass tossed by the water have made you as strong as the seas are stormy. It’s the beginning of something beautiful. A strong person has often had a difficult past. Sometimes discovering who you truly are means knowing who you no longer want to be.


Say goodbye to the pain of the past, you don’t have to go through it anymore. I have prepared an inheritance for you because I honor those that I love. You will see Me manifest right before your eyes as My Word materializes out of the bleak darkness. Step into the new, beyond what was lost and past the flowers that faded away. Some things cannot be put back, but you can embrace the treasure of the memory. You will never be alone, so don’t be sad or lonely. Smile for what you had, lift up your chin to see the new thing coming. I will take your hand and show you the way to the land where losses become lovely.


You are positioned for the beautiful, with God all things are possible. If I am all that you have left, I am more than enough. All you need is hope to hold your soul and awaken your dreams again. When it is darkest, the splendor of My dawning promise is the nearest. From your weeping tears and storm-tossed afflictions, the shattered glass is coming up as roses of love in a forever bloom”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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