A River of Miracles Rising Up



A love letter from the Father



 I am about to confirm everything that I have shown you, a river of miracles is rising up. Expect the unexpected, a new day is dawning and a new chapter is going to be revealed. This is a journey for good. I have put your feet on a wonderful path that takes you straight to a good place to live in the enduring promises of love.


Faith needs exercise to experience true potential. It takes strength to see what you have believed and faith takes time to build. To have faith is to be sure of what you hope for and confident in what you cannot see. Faith brings opportunity if you’re not afraid to take the risk. My promises are ancient, unmovable, and unchanging. I have miracle water hidden away. In a land of dust, miracle water wells up.


Just in time I will show up and manifest. Bad cycles will be broken, just when change is needed the most. I am replacing what the drought took away. Rainstorms of My Spirit will drench the land. Change is everywhere, already rising up. Meditate always on My promises and dig for the water wells. It takes time to build a habit, so stay a while and don’t quit. Pull up the roots of My Word to chew continually. As your thoughts align with My promises, a harvest of fruit will emerge.


Build up your thoughts and confessions with the strength of an elephant, the largest land animal on earth. Elephants use their tusks of strength to dig water holes in the dry river beds. After the rain, elephants will dig for the roots to eat. By faith use what I have spoken to dig up the root of your promise. What you choose to think about gives you strength. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Soak your problems in My promises and tell yourself that I will help you.


Elephants are fond of water. They will fill up their trunks with water to spray themselves.  Choose to believe and choose to trust. Build yourself up and tell yourself that you’re already there. You have already received My gifts. My Promise is your surety. Elephants can detect a thunderstorm from far away and will head towards it in pursuit of water. Faith knows there is unlimited provision because it has tasted the cool mist of My Word. A river of miracles is rising up, soaking up the scorched Savannah. I am the Lord your God, who takes hold of your hand. Don’t worry, I will help you.


I will make you abound in all of the work of your hand and increase the fruit of your land for good. I am rejoicing over you for good as I bring swift fulfillment. In the place of good hope, new life is stirring. You are deeply rooted by the river brooks of delight, bearing fruit in every season of your life. Glorious fountains are overflowing, the fountain of life is pouring in. You will never be dry or fainting, but always blessed and prosperous. In the depths of your heart, you truly know that I will never fail you. 



Written by Dannette Lynn