Fearlessly Trusting God

A love letter from Jesus about fearless trust.


“Every move is a new beginning, great things are waiting just ahead. It’s not about being perfect, but being fearless to trust Me. Don’t allow fear to control your moves. I will lead you along My glorious path. There is no need to fear failure, in every way I will keep you and work your steps according to My plan. Everywhere that you go, I am here with you. Take the step of trust. Come to the altar of surrender in the confirming of your faith. 


I know your every thought before it enters your mind. I can see all of your heart open before My eyes and I know every word that you will speak. I know every step that you will take, even before your journey begins. I have gone into your future to prepare a way. I will show you the next move and the path to take, sometimes after you have started moving. Wherever you go, My hand will empower you with strength.


You don’t have to be perfect, there is beauty in the mess. Imperfectly perfect, keep taking your steps. I will not leave you. Where you go, I go and where you live, I live. As you walk along, you will hear My voice saying ‘this is the way, walk in it’. Keep your eyes on Me, even when it’s too dark to see. I am on your side, crushing every fear and lie. Nothing can separate you from My love in this dance of trust.


Before you even seen the light of day, your days were inscribed in My book. Nothing is a surprise to me. Where I lead, is where to follow. I have plans to establish your hope, plans that are very good. I am imparting you with blessings in every direction that you look. My desires toward you are more than the grains of sand that introduce the sea.


Expect sudden surprises and treasures to appear. My goodness will overtake and catch you by surprise. Something good is going to happen that you weren’t expecting, a gift because I love you. Visions of the past will suddenly manifest. There will be double laughter from the pain. I am directing your steps and orchestrating the details of your life. You cannot outrun My goodness.


Explore the boundless presence of My love. From barely enough, you will come into an abundance. From the valley, you will suddenly be caught up to the mountaintop. In a sudden shift, the last becomes the first. Even if you cannot see the way, know that I have made it. Move by faith, not by sight. Don’t stop believing. The difficulties have been a set up into beauty. The dream that I put in your heart will be bigger than you imagined. You have only seen a glimmer of My BIG plans for your life.


I am giving you the freedom to move, wings unclipped. You will have rest from what has been against you, rest from the demanding pressure. Ready or not, the wealth of My Word will catch you. Declare your independence. Be willing to trust Me, even if you don’t always get it right. Have faith to soar above the clouds. Run and jump and flap your arms. Fear says that you will fall, but faith knows that you will fly away and be at rest.


Trust and jump ahead with a faith-filled leap. With eyes full of wonder and expectancy, get yourself ready to rise and come away with Me. Be strong and courageous, change can be scary but it is necessary to get to the other side of Promise as you prove Me to be your first place of worship. You can never fly if you’re afraid to leave the ground.


Trust Me with the completeness of your heart and you will soar high on wings that touch the sky. It is fun to do the impossible. Look to Me as you fly to the moon and touch the stars of your dreams. If you can believe it, you can do it. This is about fearlessly trusting Me as LORD. If you fall, I will catch you, just keep your eyes on Me. When you need Me the most, I will always be there.


Jehovah-Jireh, on the mount of the Lord, it shall be seen. I see all that you need and I will provide abundantly above all that you are expecting. You will discover more depths of My personal love. Devise a plan and go for it with a swan dive of trust. You will soar above the treetops and capture your dreams. I am with you, as Emmanuel, your place of rest”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

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