Joy Follows Suffering

A love letter from Jesus. 


How long O Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?  Psalm 13:1


“In My secret hiding place, I will shield you and answer your prayers. You will find peace like a river amidst the pressure and well being like the waves of the sea. I have been with you since the beginning and I am working behind the scenes. Trust in My timing, faith is trusting Me through everything. I want to walk with you, even on a cloudy day.


Even in the midst of trouble, I will protect you. I am your Refuge of safety and shelter from danger. Don’t worry about what could go wrong, have faith in what will go right. Rest in My Presence and wait patiently for Me to manifest. I will comfort you in all of your troubles, cast your anxieties to Me. Come to Me with your burdens and I will give you Rest. When you rest under My Shadow, you are hidden in My strength.



I am the hope who holds you when your hope is running out. My faithfulness will keep you from harm. Don’t worry or be afraid. There are times when you are in a position where all you can do is rely on Me so that I may reveal My power. Your need is an opportunity to know Me better. I will lift you up out of the miry clay and set your feet securely on a rock. The prophecy will be your rescue. Every Word that I speak is flawless. I am a Shield to those to come to Me for Refuge.



Your weakness is your honor and not your shame. My grace is always more than enough and My power finds it’s full expression through your weakness. Celebrate your weakness, it is a portal for My power. Rejoice in My salvation, I am the Hand that catches you when your falling. 


Power will come through the place of pain and manifestation through your prayers. Prayer turns sorrow into delight, where the desert meets the ocean. Invite Me and I will show up. Prayers are like a song of the heart. The music is deep within you. There will be beauty in the broken places and wrong things will be made right.


Knowing broken roads makes you real to minister to those who are hurting. Like stardust in your eyes, your testimony will make you shine. I will give you a new song of testimony that many will hear and trust in Me. I am your help and your deliverance. When you are brought low, I will save you and take you up to the castle on the hilltop.


Joy follows suffering as messages of love. The tragedies that you have walked through were used to shape you, as pain prepares you for the position at the palace. In time you will be thankful. Afflictions become beauty, like magnolia trees blooming from a place of ruins. Tribulation teaches patience through experience and experience gives you hope. You will have a testimony of seeing My glory, hope will not put you to shame. You have earned your position of promotion through the fight of faith. It takes courage to expect to receive without the fear of disappointment.


What I promised you is sure, as a baby placed in your womb. With childbirth comes pain, to whom much is given, much is required. The pain during labor is caused by the contractions of the uterine muscles and the pressure as the baby travels low. The position and size of your baby can influence the pain. A miracle will come out from the misery. You have come too far to turn back. You have shed too many tears to quit. You will encounter new power that you have never known, to run and not grow weary. Wait for Me to come. I will lift you up with new strength to fly on the wings of love.


This is a journey of knowing the realness of My intentional love. I will turn your fears into an encounter with My faithfulness. I will meet you with the blessings of goodness and set a crown of pure gold upon your head. The pain of the pit paves the way to the palace. The blessings held up will be released in heap, more than you can carry. I will give you the desires of your heart and provide you with abundant provisions. When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come. When her baby is born, she forgets her anguish as she encounters the joy of the birth. In the place of your affliction, I will bless you, as My Glory touches your places of need. Joy will replace all suffering, trust in Me”



Written by Dannette Lynn

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