Super Bloom By Faith

A love letter from the Lord.

“Pull out the old and pour in the new. Pull out the fake and pour in the true. In the flowerbed of your heart, where My promises are planted, use your faith to speed the bloom. The clusters of beauty will bloom all together, as radiant flowers bending toward the sun. Inhale deeply what I have promised, let the perfume permeate your senses with excitement about what is about to come.

The problems that grow alongside the promises, will be used to lift you up to a higher place. Conflicts and tares sown by the enemy often show up just before the breakthrough arrives. I am your vindicator and your defense, touch not My anointed. Vengeance is Mine. Call upon Me and I will be with you in trouble. I will deliver you and honor you. Use your promises to fight against the problems. Catch the little foxes that worry and fear the vine. Block the negatives from your garden and pour out the positives of My promises. Set your expectations for an overnight bloom as hope stays expecting.

Lift your faith, speaking positive to your plants and watch them grow. What you think is what you will yield. A mind filled with faith is doubt and worry-free. Trust in who I am for you and focus on your promises, I will not fail you now. Even against all hope, believe. Let your heart be open to receive everything that I have to give you. Everything is possible. Have no fear or worry, instead believe with all joy and peace as you rest upon My High Mountain.

A thousand may fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand. But it shall not come near you. I will restore your peace and comfort. Be strong and do not fear. Live by faith, it will turn out good. You can live beyond the limitations of every problem. I am able to perform what I promised, calling into being that which did not exist.

I am your Dwelling Place, abide safely in My Presence. See the sheer flower petals glowing from the golden rays of the sun. Pour out your faith over your garden, as waters gush forth in abundance into the wilderness areas and refreshing streams flow to quench the heat of the desert.

The tulips gather together in a colorful bouquet, releasing a shout for joy that spring has arrived. The winter season abruptly ends as a sudden cheer. The bitterness of the bud becomes the sweetness of the flower, as I turn the bitter into sweet. From your heart, faith is spilling over to suddenly cause a super bloom surprise”

Written by Dannette Lyn

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