New Wings

A love letter from Jesus.

“Your existence in My heart came before you were even born. My purpose for you will make a way to your desired destination. I am a Friend who goes before you, parting the waters ahead. Before you were born, I set you apart. I know the end from the beginning. Like a caterpillar changed in the damp and dark cocoon, I have made you new.

I have given you new wings, and now I will show you how to fly. Good thoughts are needed to lift off of the ground and take flight. It takes faith to believe Me as a child. It’s never too late to become the dream in your heart.

When a butterfly has finished her transformation, she is tired and needs to rest. Only after the butterfly has rested, can she begin to fly. Rest in My thoughts for you, soak those Promises in. Realize that what I have promised has been placed into your hand. Listen and quiet your heart. Find a moment to relax and deeply breathe. I am always Present.

Confidence comes from the inside out in knowing who you truly are in My eyes. A good mental attitude is what it takes to learn to fly. A butterflies wings are at first folded and wet. Begin to pump your wings and build them up by changing the thoughts of your mind.

The thoughts that you think will proceed the physical change. Before you can fly, you need to believe it in your mind and nothing will be impossible. Before your life becomes the beauty of a butterfly, you need to think as if it already is. Let your thoughts take you into your Promised destination. What you are willing to expect is what you will get. As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

Put on strength! Put on Beauty! Shake yourself from the dust, and leave it in the past. Loose yourself from the bonds around your neck and break the agreement with every negative confession. You have been redeemed and set free. Under My Wings, you have found refuge. Break forth into joy and sing, I am the Lord who has comforted you. No longer a caterpillar, you have been lifted up out of the dust. Let your beauty emerge beginning with your thoughts.

You will overflow with confident hope through the power of My Spirit to see what you have believed. With wings spread out, reach with all of your heart and change the way that you think. Cast down every negative imagination, what I promised you is what you will get. I will raise you up above the dirt. No longer having to crawl or climb. I have given you new wings of Beauty. Spread out your wings and prepare to Fly”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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