Surfing through the Soul


A love letter from Jesus on healing from emotional wounds. 



“Talk to Me and let Me heal the areas where you hurt. Move with Me through the mind, will, and emotions of the soul. Surfing the soul can be difficult, swimming deep within to catch a wave and paddling hard through the strong emotional currents. Ride the longboard of surrender when you are seeking rest from resistance. Waves happen in a place where energy has appeared, a circumstance or change. Even fast moving waves are slow enough to carry you along, in the journey of learning to surf and heal.


Sometimes troubled waters are used to cleanse and bring you into the new. Wear your sunscreen by covering yourself in prayer. Tell Me every detail of your life, even the bad. A vulnerability is pure, filling you with the fragrance of perfume, like the sweet nectar of a flower. When you surf through pain and sorrow and it feels like the cords of death are wrapped around your neck, give every bit to Me and lean in. 


Pour out your love as an offering of oil upon my feet. Withholding nothing, give every piece of your heart to Me. Everything about you matters to Me, I still love you when you mess up. I accept all of you the way that you are as a genuine beauty. Everything else drains into the sea, through the fellowship of our intimacy. Absolutely to thee, this is your Husband”s vow. Let Me show you the beauty that I see, look into my eyes.


I am your Shelter in a rainstorm. You can’t always stop the wave, but you can learn to surf. Sometimes you may drift into an area that you didn’t expect and did not plan for. Often an emotional wound needs to heal before getting over a mountain. Every mountain will be made low, every valley will be raised. No one gets better by staying out of the waters, surfing is about having fun while riding out the waves. Love never gives up, close your eyes and feel the adrenaline rush. Let the areas of pride tumble down, as a wave that bows itself low and let fear be released through surrendering to where I lead.


The best surfing waves are swells that have traveled across the ocean. Some emotional waves have been long in coming, while others show up unexpectedly, driven by the wind. Let go and trust when surfing through a big change. I know what you need and I will always lead you to something better. Some waves are used to awaken your faith, like sweet ripened berries on a vine. Some waves are for repentance, to break an agreement with the negative, surfing in the heart purity of freedom waters. When the wind blows in an opposite direction, a wave break will collapse much sooner. Trust My timing, My ways are always better.


Surfers don’t like old waves, so let go of things that happened that you cannot change. Sometimes holding on hurts much more than letting go. There is good in the bad, as difficulties lead to beauty. The dirt that soils can be used for good. In the sand or dirt, the mother turtle protectively lays her eggs. Seashore sand helps lessen the flooding during coastal storms. Flowers reach their true beauty by growing through the dirt.


Don’t let misery get over your head, lean all of your emotions into Me. What lies ahead is better than the present pain. Don’t get caught in a strong current, but use it to your advantage. You are not what happened to you, but what you choose to become. Ride the breaking waves to the shore, there is something wonderful just beyond the breaking. You are forgiven with a clean slate. When sudden storms rush in, you will be held safe. I am your confidence in times of distress, keep your heart at rest. You are covered in my redemption, My blood speaks a better Word. Engage your heart with Mine, let Me rescue you from the mire and mud.


I will stay close to you, instructing you and guiding you along the way. Don’t be stubborn or resist. Trust Me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Everything good comes past surrender. Trusting Me will renew your strength. I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore with loving kindness, I have drawn you. Look at what I promised. Where you are is not always who you are. In the dirt and breaking, you encounter My grace to lift you higher than you ever dreamed in My goodness.


I am on your side. Don’t be afraid to go where I have called you even if man doesn’t accept or approve. I have accepted you. I will bless you in the sight of those who speak evil of you behind your back. Let your heart not take the foolish words personal. What they say is often a reflection of an unhealed place in them. Those who are incensed against you will be put to shame and confounded. Those who strive against you will be driven away, as a puff of smoke in the wind.


A good group of waves will arrive all at once. Sometimes a surrender must only happen in your mind. Hope puts you not to shame, be sure of what you hope for and confident of what you cannot see. Every day has the potential of a miracle, hope and expect for good things”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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