Beauty in the Dark Night of the Soul

A love letter from Jesus.


“In the dark night of the soul when sadness drums the heart and grief covers as sackcloth. In every sorrow, I am weeping with you. I will come to you in the midst of your heartache. I will come to you in your pain. I know all of your tossings and turnings, in My book I have recorded every ache.
When your eyes are swollen with sorrow, I will allure you with love so tender and speak comfort to your soul. Bring your lamentation to Me as a passionate expression of great grief. Tune your heart to Mine and let every pain fall into the shadows from the light of My face. Give Me your pain as you move through the hurt and rest your heart on Me. There you will encounter the joy of My presence and waters of refreshing.
Come to Me when your eyes are overflowing with rivers of water. I will collect every tear as the rivers run down your face. The place that the rivers run, they will return again with beauty. Your heart will sing poems of love, as an ode of worship to be sung.  
With everlasting kindness, I will have compassion on you. Recline onto Me and I will carry you through this. My love is lighting up the night like a lightning strike. Walk with Me and rest beneath My smile as My joy spills over your heart. Aim for where you are going, not for where you are. Some darkness is needed to see the stars shine so bright.
The light of My presence within you gives light, like twinkling fireflies in the night. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it. The name of the Firefly comes from lampyridae, which in Greek means ‘to shine’. Let the night be illuminated as you travel through the heartache mountains. Don’t let this moment pass you by, there is beauty in the brokenness through the closeness of My heart.
Lean into My love and let others love you too, lighting up together as a silent symphony. When chaos causes fireflies to divide, they slowly come back together to light up as one wave of light, like a magnificent dance.
Even in dark places, like going deep in the moonlit forest, My love will never fail. My compassion is neverending, it is new every morning. Great is My faithfulness. I will wipe away the ashes. Loveliness is your birthright. I am singing over you the songs of adoration from My heart. Etched in the musical notes there will be beauty in the dark night of the soul”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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