Waves of Change

A love letter from Jesus. 


In the waves of change, use My promises as keys to refill your faith. I am your Sovereign rest. You can lay every circumstance in My hands. Be brave, and do not fear. I am here. Don’t let fear take you out of a place of rest.


Come and join Me, let’s walk over the waves. In total trust have faith, resisting doubt will keep you from sinking. Take My hand and I will lift you up. I am taking you to new places, yes I am raising you up, to open for you what no man can shut. Trust in My unfailing love and faithfulness, I will never abandon the prisoners of love.



Surrender and trust with all of your heart through the high waves and let the water roll off of your back like feathers on a bird. The water cannot penetrate the anointing that you have. Sit under My Shadow and I will hide you in My Strength. I will rescue you from every hidden trap of the enemy and from false accusations.


My anointing has made you strong, empowering you for victory. My majestic arms are wrapped around you to protect you. Do not fear a thing! I have got you. Go ahead and be who you are created to be. I have given you the gift of perfect peace, don’t yield to fear or be troubled in your heart. You will not be given over to the fears, nor will the uprising of the sea harm you.


Don’t worry, I will help you and hold you up. Keep your thoughts continually secure in what is good and refuse entrance of any negative. Keep walking over the waves because I have called you. Fix your heart on Me in confident assurance. With hope, there is courage. 


Speak out My promises from within when the waters raise themselves up. Cling to your promises and the circumstances will change to match what I have said. There will be a double blessing in the place of pressing. Abide in who I am. Bind your sacrifice of trust with cords to the altar through an inner surrender.


Come to our secret place and be captured by My heart. Cast every care to Me and be anxious for nothing, allow My peace to overflow your heart and mind. Be calm precious heart, I am your help and confidence. Be true to who you are as My royal bride. Allow Me to take you where others never thought you could reach and I will amaze you with many breathtaking wonders. 




Written by Dannette Lynn