The Comeback


A love letter from the Father


After the rains, the flowers bloom. Even in the dryest desert, the petals of love’s promise will flourish. Without rain, there can be no flowers. Sometimes a fall is only to rise. The stumbles of the past were used to help you grow. Every valley leads to the green pasture that is waiting on the other side.


Blossoming is beautiful, often growing through times of brokenness. There may be pain experienced in the night, but joy unfolds in the morning. All things are working together for your good. 


Let’s move forward to face the future and watch the flowers blossom. Let go of what was and be filled with what is new. This is your comeback to finish the story. In the place where you were hurt, you will be considered a blessing. You will be known by your true name. What was used against you will be used to bless you.


You are blessed to be a blessing. Even from the lowest ocean, I will raise you up to reach new heights. I knew you before you were born and destined you to do great things. I will raise you up to display the miracles of My love. In every direction that you look, you will see the intentionalities of My love spring up. 


Even when it looks hopeless, believe in what I promised to you and expect me to fulfill it. If sorrows sweep in like troubled waves, let My promises be your anchor to hold your heart still in the sea. Believing my promise transfers my word into your account, like a gift sent to the receiver.


I am faithful and true to My word. When the water is deep and the wind is strong, remember my promises to keep you strong. Lean into My everlasting arms and just believe. Tension is a sign of its release, to prepare you for a sudden change as the tide turns.


Handcrafted with special detail, My promises to you are packages that have been personally made. I certainly will not withhold from you anything that I have to give. Blessings upon blessings heaped upon your head. There are storehouses of love-filled blessings ready to be released. There is nothing in all creation that can separate you from My love. No power above or beneath, I am over everything.


My heart bursts full of joy for what I have for you. What was promised will come swiftly, like a train passing through. I will surpass your expectations because you have trusted Me through it all. I am holding your every moment in the palm of My hand. My gift of love cascades over you as a special delivery.


The decorations have been hung for a great surprise that awaits. This is your comeback and the reward of your believing faith. Sometimes the rainbows come as the storm is passing through. Remember every promise that I have made to you. Many countless blessings are ready to bloom. 



Written by Dannette Lynn