Rise to the Peak

A love letter from Jesus.

“Rise from the low position to a higher one. Elevation is calling. You can go as high as you want, say yes to a new adventure. Move beyond resisting fear and drink from my Fountain. Move with My Spirit, as natural as the water, in perfect trust. Breathe in deep from the mountain air of love.

When the bough broke and your heart was crushed, tears ran down your face like a river. Take heart dear one, no tear that you have shed will be wasted. I will turn your mourning into dancing and cover you with joy. From former tragedies will come fresh hope. I am acquainted with deep grief. Lean on my Shoulder and I will lift you up. In every sorrow, I am your comfort, the Chiefest of ten thousand. Gather your ashes together and we will trade them in for beauty at the summit.

A fear of heights can be triggered when looking down from a high place. Yet beyond that fear is everything you have been destined to do. Like a star, you have been selected and chosen for a high place. Instead of being hidden, the light is shining out. The Greek word, akron, means peak. It is at the peak, past all fears that I have set for you. Abandon yourself in trust. I know what is best for you, even if it means going past the place of comfort. Keep your eyes lifted up to me. Ascend to the top.

Look into My eyes, we are making your dreams become reality. Don’t look down, because you are rising up. In the mounting pressure, I am pouring out my Grace. Come up with Me, high above it all. My peace flows like a river crashing over every worry. Your head drips in delight with the oil of gladness. Follow Me up like ivy that grows and clings up the canopy of a tree. In the upward sloping path, your trust is beautiful to Me. Put your life into My hand, with an assurance of my goodness.

The morning dew forms diamonds on the grass. Up in our secret place, there is an open field of rainbow-colored flowers introducing the snow-capped mountain peaks. Away from the noise, be alone with Me. Come up above the majestic tree line, where snakes and spiders cannot reach. Loveliness is coming out of hiding, I am giving you justice, vindication, and honor. In this high place, the finishing touches of beauty are perfected.

Open to Me, my dove, My perfect one. My head is drenched with dew, My hair with the dampness of the night. Give Me the worries that weigh you down, you are floating up, so light. Trust will lift you high. I am the all-powerful support that holds you up, don’t look down and you’ll be alright. My perfect love casts out all fear and the risk of faith makes you strong. Being vulnerable is so precious, love is the greatest weapon of all.

There are blue skies up high. Do not fear, you will not be put shame, for your Maker is Husband and Redeemer. I am keeping you in perfect peace, as your mind stays on Me. Trust Me as your everlasting strength. Rest in My shade with great delight, My fruit is sweet to your taste.

Out in the open air, things are not as they seem. I am the answer to every problem. I have hung the stars and called them each by name. My presence hems you in, before and behind. You are safe in My will. Have I spoken and will I not make it good? Nothing can separate you from My love. Let go of resistance and welcome My Spirit to catch you up. Abandon yourself into My arms with an utter surrender. Come with Me, it will be an exciting adventure. Swifter than the eagles, you are rising up with wings against the sky.

I have covered you with My feathers and under My wings, you will trust. Be strong and have courage, what you dread will be different than you imagine. There is nothing to fear at all. You can trust Me to take care of you, I am gracious and rich in love. My hand is open to satisfy your desires. The mountains are bursting into song before you. Rise up, My love, My fair one and come up with me to the highest heights. I will set you up to stand upon the peaks. What you have feared will break away to become what you have most longed to do. Destiny is waiting for you to rise up and come into your royal place”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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