A love letter from Jesus, the Miracle Maker.


“This is your new beginning and a second chance to start again. Expect for a visitation, prepare for company. It’s a miracle appointment between you and Me. I am turning what was unappealing into new beauty. Hope for something miraculous to manifest, despite what you see. To hope is to expect and anticipate.


When it’s time to give birth, there’s no going back. Take a deep breath and let us begin. Once the mother elephant accepts her calf, she pulls it to herself. Like the elephant pull your promise close. Anticipate with excitement. By faith, Sarah judged Him faithful who promised and was delivered of a child. Be confident in the One who promised, regardless of how things look. The impossible is becoming possible. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.


Use your thoughts like an elephant uses his trunk. When it gets hot elephants suck water into their trunks and then blow it back out to cool themselves. Overcome outside pressure with the refreshment of My Word. The trunk is a tool for the elephant to get water and pour it into his mouth. Focus on my promises, for as a man thinks, he is. What you feed is what will grow and sprout forth. 


Being pregnant with a miracle can take much endurance. When the walk of faith gets tiring, come, sit down with me and rest. When the elephant’s trunk gets heavy, the elephant will rest it over a tusk. This is not a small baby, but you are carrying something quite big. The duration of an elephants pregnancy is double that of a human. A newborn elephant can weigh 200 pounds. There is a reason for the waiting. You are expecting double. Most elephants give birth at night when there is less activity. Against all hope, keep hoping. At the midnight hour is often when the joyful bells of a breakthrough ring. 


Like le papillon, the butterfly, you have taken a long journey. A caterpillar eats until it gets really fat, then creates a cocoon for himself. The old is broken down and the new is formed. The caterpillar’s body melts. The butterfly emerges from the old corpse into something new. The butterfly is produced out of another. I am the Christ that you live and move and have your being and I am making your miracle dreams come true. I will do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think, according to My power working within. Move out of the past and what you currently see into new believing. 


See how I see you. I counted your days before you knew them. My cherished thoughts to you are as innumerable as the beaches sand. Have I said and will I not do? My word will not turn back to Me void. My Spirit is powerful within you. You will never be the same. Against all current appearance, anticipate for a sudden change, as My Spirit moves. Believe for your miracle to emerge. You have a guaranteed fulfillment. A personal promise between Me and you.


Miracle manifest.


Emerge and come forth.


Become visible and come into view.


From within, the miracle is forced out.


Through the heat of My Word.


Beauty is seen and heard.


Beauty is emerging from within to the outer view”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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