I Am Your Anchor in the Waves




A love letter from Jesus.



When dark clouds linger over the sea and the west wind comes in like a rush. I am your refuge and strength, a very present help. Though the waters may crash and roar, don’t worry because I am on your side. Sheltering you in My everlasting arms, your life is always before My eyes.

Trust in your Captain, My love will set you ablaze. Surely My goodness and mercy are for you. I am your Daybreak and deliverance, your trusted liberty, and the hand that saves. Who will you fear? I am your fortified place of protection, who will make you afraid?

My voice thunders over the waters. I am your heavy Anchor to hold you in place. Mooring your ship to the sea bottom, I am never-failing in all of My ways. I am faithful and I will give you strength. Your enemies will not see their will done, neither will fear nor foreboding rejoice. Rather your head will be lifted up above the enemies that surround you.

I have plans to take care of you, not abandon you. Plans to give you the future that you hope for. I am all around you when your sails are weather-worn. I am with you when your tears are rolling and refuse to stop. I am your hope and confidence, call my name and I will answer.

I will be with you in trouble and when the voyage is tossed with tempest, to make the way smooth. I will deliver you and honor you, with long life, I will show you my salvation. I am the One who will never leave you, I am always there. The wrap-around the presence of My love will be your best comfort.

My presence is the unexplainable peace through every troubling circumstance. Come with Me to the land of romance, don’t be afraid to let Me lead you. Let us sail under our love that blossoms. Keep hoping, when the winds are contrary to what I have said. If you face difficulty and the wind resists your forward movement, sail through the Shelter of the Almighty One, Rest yourself in My Shadow of protection.

Hardly passing through difficulties, you arrive at your Fair Havens, the promised place of beauty. The south wind of My presence blows gently like kisses on your cheek to refresh you with energizing love that bubbles up. The blessings of this journey will outnumber every pain. Shaken down and pressed, blessings are pouring over.

What you believe is causing miracles to take over, keep feeding your faith and starve every fear that tries to resist you. Something spectacular is coming soon. Move through the fear. Relax into Me and rest, as we sway with the rise and fall of the waves.

Keep giving me every problem and heartache and I will make you light as a feather that floats through a peaceful stream. Hope makes you not ashamed, even in the rising waves you have joyful confidence to know that I am Sovereign. Let go and relinquish all control. Find inner peace with complete trust in Me and I will restore your soul.

When you feel driven down by the night, cast your Anchor out of the stern giving all of yourself through surrender. When engulfed by the sorrows of the sea, run to Me and I will hold you. Abide in Me and I in you. I am your Anchor in the waves. Abandon yourself into My arms and embrace the change that comes through the turning tides.

Let Me carry you when the oceans swell and the high-breaking waves lift themselves up. Buckle down in My love, unmovable and without waver. Love keeps promises. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can the floods drown it.



Written by Dannette Lynn