A Promise Breaks Through

A love letter from Jesus to the pregnant with Promise.

“My prophetic word to you is like an eagle being born. From the inside of the egg, the chick pokes a hole through the top. My Word is alive and active, sharp to break through. The chicks hatch the egg without any help from its parents. My Promise is a gift. Believe and treasure My Words in your heart, like a mother and father eagle that incubates the egg, keeping it close and warm overnight and during the cold storms.

A pregnant mother doesn’t mature her baby herself. She only follows the plan of care given to her by her Doctor. She believes in the life growing inside. She trusts in the intentional love of her Maker. The tiny details of My Promise to you are already done. Rest in My grace, a Promise isn’t earned. Bear no burden up. You will look to Me with radiance, your face will not be ashamed. Transformation comes after the surrender, to cease resistance and yield. Let go and trust.

Follow My plan of care being obedient to My voice. Miracles can happen while you sleep. Eagle eggs can hatch one to several days apart, depending on when they were laid. Be ready to receive My gift to you and expect the unexpected. The secret to having your dream is believing that you already do. Whatever you desire when you pray, believe that it is already done and it shall be granted to you.

I am the Lord who heals you. Never take ownership of something that I didn’t give. One cannot curse when I have spoken ‘Bless’. I will restore more beauty than you even prayed for, from the broken places of your life. The broken shells from the hatch are never tossed out. They rest at the bottom of the nest until they disappear into tiny pieces. The pain that you have endured will be recycled into something useful and good.

Thinking about the good report is like spreading your wings out to fly. How far you go is entirely up to you, what you can believe I can do. Let Me meet you at your faith. You will not be disappointed. Imagine the possibilities of My power, I am making miracles out of the mess. Have the courage to believe. You will mount up on eagles wings and I will lift you up to the heights.

Just when it seems gone, your dream will happen to you. Broken and shattered dreams brought you closer to knowing My heart. For a star to be born, first a gaseous nebula must collapse. The broken dream is not the end, but rather a spectacular beginning of your dreams coming true”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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