Treasures at the Ocean Floor

A love letter from Jesus, the Lover of your soul.


“The winds of change are here. Be ready My child, at all times and always. In the rising winds, the waves are lifted high. Catch your breath between the waves and rest your soul on Me. I am the bedrock under your feet, the castle where you live. I am your rescuing knight, a hero to save. You will not drown for I am always with you.


Don’t worry about anything, just tell me what you need. Pray, believe and be ready to receive. Make room for your miracle, dare to believe. I am the lover of your soul. Let my currents carry you through the sea and let the waters of My love dance over your soul.


Choose to trust and have peace, I have hedged you behind and before. My hand is upon you, I will rescue you from every hidden trap and protect you from every curse. I will defend you against every false accusation and honor you in the presence of mockers. I will show those who have hated you that I love you, giving you vindication and double honor. Evil works will be cut down like the grass and wither as a green herb.


I have ordered your steps and I delight in your way. I will make things right and cause your justice to shine as the noonday. My faithful promises are your armor and protection. Be strong and courageous, I am with you wherever you go. I have seen your ways and I will restore your comforts. Go deep in surrender and trust my plans. Even in the midnight ocean, where no light breaks through, you will encounter new depths of My love. Nothing is impossible with Me. 


Leaves of a tree reveal their beauty when they fall from the branch. There is beauty in letting go and releasing what you hold to Me. I am the fire that kicks the heat out. Under the heat of my Glory, I will manifest the desire of your heart. A small amount of faith grows a large and powerful tree. You are destined to do what others think cannot be done, because your help comes from the LORD. The area that you suffered pain and restriction is where you will encounter My power. 


Beneath every high and hurling wave, let me carry the weight of every fear and worry. You can trust Me to carry the weight of the ocean. Fill your lungs with peace, knowing that I am the Sovereign One. My precious thoughts of you are more than the sands. Love is built on trust. Sink deep into my love, let gravity pull you close. Don’t resist, but rest in the intentionality of My love. At the Ocean floor of letting go, I will give you the treasured desires of your heart”.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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