Great Expectations of New Beginnings

A love letter from Jesus to those who have endured a deep suffering.

The mourning dove evokes a sorrowful song of lamentation for a loss. Sorrow drums as a heart in shock protecting itself. In a healing crisis, things feel worse when they are really getting better. Something new has arrived, as fresh as a floral spring breeze filling up your lungs. At the goodbye, there is a new beginning.

I have seen your affliction and suffering, crying out to Me and I know your pain. Allow yourself to let go of what was with a whole heart. Look up again to the stars of Promise shining through the night. On the starlit night, where all time stands still, remember the dream that I placed inside of you when it was Me and you. I will restore your dreams and desires that seem long lost. I AM, joyful and good.

I will rescue you. My presence burning and glowing in an ardent love flame. In the heat and pressure of what you went through, ashes became beauty. Ash is a residue left over after burning. I will take what you have suffered and turn it into beauty, like a shimmery glaze of a vessel.

Look at the light of my face and count My Promises, if you can number them. Dance until the stars fall down from the rafters because your dreams are coming true. I created the stars and called them each by name. Although you have had troubles and your soul has been weary, I will lift you up to touch the stars and take them back with you. I made you and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.

In a dream, in a vision of the night. When deep sleep falls, I show you My plans and seal My instruction. Promises light your night, like stars in the sky. The darker the night, the brighter they shine. My word is pure, sharper than any two-edged blade, cutting through soul and spirit.

Dreams are manifesting, through the heat of refining. Like falling stars, the streaks of light are caused by rock and dust. The friction from falling in the air gets very hot so that it catches fire. Blessed are you, O pure of heart. Your eyes are being opened to see more and more of My Presence. A diamond is formed in extreme heat and pressure, one of the strongest rocks ever made.

As hot water hardens an egg, the grief has made you stronger. The dust of suffering has become glittering diamonds. You are rising up out of the ashes, more beautiful than before. You will get more than what you lost, there is a double blessing for your trouble.

Rise up My love, My fair one and come away. For lo the winter has ended, the rain is over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come. The moon bows low to the earth, fading away like yesterday’s song. Pain disappears to the whisper of a new morning, as you are awakened by Love’s tender kiss.

Coming up out of your difficulties, you are leaning on Me, your Beloved. My streams of love will make your desert bloom. Past doors close and new doors open of great expectations for new beginnings. I won’t take something away without replacing it with something better. You can’t go back to yesterday, but you can trust Me with what is left. Your latter years will be double better than your first.

What is coming will be worth enduring the flames and the ashes. I will bring you more joy than you have ever known before.The morning stars sing together and the children of God shout for joy at the night’s treasures. Darling, take my hand and rise up out of the mourning of loss and let’s go on an adventure of experiencing the stars of Promise that I manifest”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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