I Have a Plan

A Love Letter from Abba Father.

“This is when you need Me the most, so just let go and trust Me to take care of you. I will be your shield and glory and the One who lifts up your head. For I, alone will make you dwell in safety.

I will save you from those who rise against you and keep you as the apple of My Eye. Hidden in My Shadow, let hope light the way. I will give you your heart’s desire and I will not withhold the request of your lips. Let the confident trust of hope be the crown upon your head. I have plans to establish your hope. Like an ever blooming flower, you will always see My goodness.

Like a bumblebee, gently floating from flower to flower, making honey and eating the nectar, the buzzing of My nearness will cause an explosive release of fulfillment. Trust in Me, when you cannot see ahead. I will take care of you and lavish you in an abundance. As a Kingdom child, I give you the power to make wealth, your inheritance is perfect and good. You will experience security in My hand. Rest in the plan.

Don’t be afraid, I have redeemed you and chosen you by name. I have made a path through the roaring waves. My counsel stands forever, the plans of My heart are without fail. I spoke and it was done, I commanded and it stood fast. I gather the waters of the sea together as a heap and lay the deep in storehouses. My eye is on you, I will not leave you or forsake you. Don’t worry or be in angst with deep anxiety. I have a plan for you, My purpose will prevail.

I have given you a vision pointing to what will come and it aches for it’s coming. I will fulfill My Words, every last detail will be done. Like silver tried in a furnace of the earth seven times, My Words are only pure. Let go of every tension on your shoulders, exhale those worries out. Rest every anxiety in My hand. There’s no reason to worry about what is ahead because I am already there.

I know you. I know every square inch of your heart. Don’t panic when you feel out of control, you can count on Me to be your Sovereign help. This is a divine change, a rapid acceleration to fulfillment, to wrap you in beauty for ashes. My Promise will not fail to emerge, like a hidden sea turtle coming out of the water, traveling the open ocean to return to her place of birth. The words of My mouth will fulfill the purpose that I sent them.

I will not leave you wanting, nor let you be ashamed. Let your days be rested and your nights be sweet with peace. Lie down and go to sleep and awaken surrounded by My Glory. I will meet you with blessings of good things and make you most joyful in My presence. What I have spoken will suddenly be manifested. Don’t worry about how it will happen, cast your cares on me and lay back in My omnipresence. I have a plan, let rest be your weapon”.

Written by Dannette Lynn
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