To Love but then Broken

A love letter from Jesus to those in Grief. 


To love but then broken, like an arrow through the heart. A day when the heartstrings are loosed and the soul turns to mourning. Dreams dashed to pieces like shattered glass at your feet. The deepest emotions and affections are the heartstrings, a nerve believed to help the heart sustain.


Sorrow blasts in like a hurricane and the heart feels weak. When you love someone so strongly, wanting to die with them is a normal emotion to face. Your world starts going sideways, where nothing makes sense. Everything changes, the ground shifts. It feels like your heart stops beating and you’re weightless. You sway and suddenly you’re falling, hoping there is someone to catch you in the end.


Drawing close to your heart, Jesus speaks:


“I will be your lifeline to help you through the pain. I will catch you and put you back on your feet again. Grief is part of loving, your heart will heal again. Like beauty found through patience, it will take time to see the good. Hope is never lost, you’ll get through this. This is not over, all pain will end.


You are precious to Me and honored and I love you. I will replace everything that you have lost. Push the darkness back and forgive yourself. Beautiful things are coming, it will be worth the pain. A small seed makes for a mighty tree. The seeds that have been sown will bear fruit to fulfill your dreams.


Look, I am doing something new! Like a branch of a tree, the new growth buds and pushes off the old leaf. The color of the leaf fades and the wind blows it away. Once a tiny seed, the promise emerges as your new harvest. The old passes away to make room for the new leaf to bloom.


The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that you may have and enjoy life and have it in abundance. I will fill you to overflowing. Weeping may endure for the night but joy will be with you in the morning. I will heal your heart and reveal an abundance of My peace. Everything will work out according to My good plan. The weight of this burden is not for you to carry. Sometimes you don’t realize the weight of what you carried until you experience the freedom of the relief. 


The darker the night, the brighter the morning. The bitterness you feel today will become the sweetness of loves treasure. It’s hard to know new love when you build your walls too high. Don’t drown in the sadness, My kindness is before your eyes with the beauty of My wonders. There is nothing to stop My goodness. I will raise you up out of those ashes and cause you to shine like the sun.


There is no darkness nor deep shadow where evil may hide. Even the darkness is light to my eyes. My ears hear the cry of the afflicted to rescue them from their afflictions. I delight in every detail of your life. You are not cursed, but you are blessed with a double blessing. My Promises will not pass away. I will do just what I said that I will do. Just because you can’t see it manifested, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Babies are always miracles and never come apart from pain. From your teardrops, flowers are blooming.


Hope never dies and love will remain. Faith, hope, and love are forever – the greatest of these is love. The presence of deep grief reveals the existence of great love. To love but then broken, is to be heartstruck, like an arrow through the heart. When sorrow overtakes the soul, it’s hard to see beyond the pain. You will laugh again and joy will replace the mourning. The icicles of grief will melt and the birds will again sing. The love that you lost will give way to even more love than before, as the new bud grows too big and pushes off the old that fades away”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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