A Butterfly Must be Patient

A love letter from Jesus. 


“A butterfly must be patient while waiting to emerge into change. Like a butterfly, I have given you words of Promise, to transform your life in appearance. Like a butterfly, everything will be completely different, with miracle DNA. From the caterpillar and cocoon, your beauty will spread like a butterflies wings, a most beautiful sight to see. Every word that I have spoken proves true, let My Promises be your refuge.


How long, dear one, will you mourn the losses of your present life or groan from the waiting? Something beautiful is growing in its place. I gave you My word and I will fulfill it. Fill your horn with oil and give thanks for the new. My promises are gifts given ahead that will not be taken away. 


I am here to comfort the sorrows of your soul, to give you the hope of a new life. You will know Me as your devoted husband, all of your dreams are coming to life. Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you. 


The pain that you have been feeling, cannot compare to the joy that is coming. Although trauma shatters the soul, My love is healing every pain. Let Me be your source of confidence and trust. My kindness towards you is eternal, you will always attract My favor and goodness.


I am bringing you to a place of new freedom with deliverance from those afflictions, a place to fly away and be at rest. Justice is the foundation of My throne, I will make things right in your life and give you fairness of My actions. O afflicted one, storm-tossed and without comfort. I will make beauty out of your ashes and firmly establish your vision. Sing, because what you have lost will be replaced with more and better than you can imagine. 


Prepare yourself for my greatness, enlargen your expectations to match My generosity and kindness. My promises have already been given, wait patiently to see them emerging, as a butterfly waiting patiently for change. True to my word, I am constantly loyal. I have planted you and you are safe. No one can pluck you out of My hand or change My good plans for your life.


Focus your thoughts on your prophetic fulfillment, not in the negative situations. Fly up into fully believing what I have given, a butterfly uses her wings as protection. You have been set apart to reveal My fingerprint of blessing on your life. Bear success with humility, enduring all suffering. To be patient is to accept longsuffering without getting upset or angry, with all contentment. Patience must finish it’s complete work, that you be lacking in nothing.


Hope is part of recovery, shining bright with anticipation of My manifested promise. My dear lily of the valley, through humility your beauty is growing in deep places, as a lily growing among the thorns. At the right time, I will raise you up and manifest what I have spoken. Believe in your promises, as though they are already finished, My word will not disappoint you.


You will forget the shame of the past and no longer remember the former disgrace. I will make you known by a new name and a new reputation of honor and grace. For your husband is your Maker and your Redeemer. With everlasting kindness, I have compassion for you. Do not worry, My love will never fail. Be truly glad, there is a great joy ahead, a harvest of My generosity. My steadfast love endures forever, adhering firmly to you.


Faith must pass the test of discouragement through the time of waiting. My love is devoted to you, as a deeply infused attachment. A beautiful transformation is happening. My faithfulness is a shield and a wall. Blessed is the one who believes that there will be a fulfillment of what I have spoken. Everything will come to you at the perfect time, a butterfly must be patient”. 


Written by Dannette Lynn

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