Lowly to Lovely

A love letter from Jesus


To Me, you are like the beauty of a rose, that blooms even more extravagantly when pruned. A story of both love and sorrow, the beauty of a rose encased by thorns. I turn lowly into lovely. As the old withered blooms are taken off, a new cycle blooms.


Broken things become blessed if you will let Me do the mending. There is no habit too big for Me to heal. I heal the broken hearts and bandage up the wounds. A costly perfume comes from the oil of the crushed petals. I have good plans for you, to give you hope and a future. 


Everything will happen just as I have said. The circumstances of your life can change minute by minute, an acceleration is happening, even if you cannot see it. The further away the promise feels, the closer it truly is. In the shadow of an object is the closest that you can be.


A strong shadow is formed when there is much light. The brighter the light, the darker the shadow will be. In troubling times when you can no longer see the light or feel the warmth on your face, do not be afraid, but rest in My closeness. I have not forgotten you, I am here holding your hand. I am your shield of glory and honor and the one who lifts up your head.


The suffering will disappear, as My love breaks open to heal. You are coming into deep awareness of the wealth of My personal love and knowing My protection. The aroma of a delicate rose grows even stronger before a storm. Once fully open, the scent changes as the buds unfold. There are blessings inside the times of sorrow, just as childbirth is not absent from pain. The sad end will be a happy new beginning. When your strength is gone and faded, look to Me and I will hold your hand.


I will comfort you and all of your ruins. The dead ground will be transformed into the lushness of Eden, a place of exuberance and laughter. I will fill your mouth with thankful songs and melodic tunes. I am comforting you, what is there to be afraid of or who? I personally watch over you as your protector.


My beloved one, rest secure in Me, as I shield you all day. You are concealed in the shadow of my hand. Come and rest between My shoulders. My love is faithful, I am never changing. I am here with you, be still and know that I am God. Let trust be your place of worship.


In quiet devout closeness and confidence, rest safely in My favor. My love is spilling over your soul like a mighty wave. I am standing at your right hand to rescue you from those who judge your soul. I am taking down those with proud thoughts and lifting you up from your humble position, as a wheel that swiftly turns. 


You are a vessel of honor, set apart for a special purpose. Do not doubt your value or run from who you are. Do not be afraid of those with hostile words and faces, for I am always with you to protect and deliver. Every curse aimed at you will be made a blessing, no weapon formed against you will prosper. All will call you blessed and favored by my presence.


From passing through the valley of weeping, you are coming into the springs of blessings. You will go from strength to strength and increase in glory to glory. Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and set you apart. Before you were born, I chose you as my own and redeemed you. I have put My words in your mouth, you are a pen in my hand. I have given you divine power to overcome.


From the lowliness of pruning, comes the loveliness of blooming. As a fading flower is trimmed away, new growth comes. Snipping off the withering roses makes for a gorgeous bloom. Times of sorrow will be replaced with times of beauty. The days of shame will become your place of set honor.


The depths of pain will overflow with a new love bloomed. I am fulfilling your promises. For every negative in your life, I will give you a double positive. Forever you are chosen and Blessed, as a rose of My heart, set apart for my purpose. 





Written by Dannette Lynn