Don’t Walk Alone


A love letter from Jesus



Let Me walk with you to make your dreams come true. Don’t go too far ahead, let us walk together step by step. With each forward motion, take time to choose the option that is best. It is up to you to choose the direction of your health. There are choices all along the way. It is good to take care of your body. I am not far away, closer than your breath. Make the better choice and then rest your strength on Me to be your help.


I have given you My Spirit as a comforter to give you divine power. Let Me be your source of comfort. I am here to help you achieve this victory. My life is flowing in your veins, you are no longer a victim of bondage. Identify yourself as an achiever. See the vision of your victory. I give strength to the weary and I increase the power of the weak. In your weakness, I will be your strength. 


When you wait for Me, you will not grow weary. You will run and not get tired. I am greater within you than any force in the world. When you are ready to walk, pause and wait for Me. Call My name and then be still and wait for Me to lift you up. I will help you, My dearest darling. Don’t walk alone, but wait for Me. Step by step you will be held and I will carry you to the dream that you love.


I will take your place to do this work and be the power that you need. Just slow down and take a deep breath. The power you need is released, as you lean into My love. I will help you to reach your goals and bring your dreams to life. Together we can do this, but all alone it will be much harder. Remember that I am with you, it’s a hard road to walk alone. Come with Me, let’s go all in! Jump into this moment exquisite transformation. Call My name beloved, and I will be your help. 




Written by Dannette Lynn