Expanding in Love

A love letter from the Father.


As you stood on the edge of the cliff, you held onto only faith, fully trusting in Me. Everything that you had known to be secure before was blown away. The afflictions that you have suffered have been a stretching of your faith. Faith blooms best in adversity. The bad only prepared you for good. There was pain in the pruning, yet at the scent of My love, you will bud again.


The ground has been cleared and stretched for encounters of My love to fill it. I am a loving giver. You have stood in the collision of the natural and the spirit. The faith stretching has been the enlarging of your territory, you are taking the new territory of your promise. I am turning your problems into miracles, as you re-occupy the places that were lost. Restoration is happening.


I am the way maker, faithful to keep every promise and My love is always without measure. You have grown like a sturdy tree, who grows and adapts in the harshest of weather. You have been built up in endurance to flourish in the midst of every difficult problem. Your healing has been growing from the inside out. Your roots have delved deep into My heart, as massive roots diving into the rich soil. The hard life of repeated pruning has made for an easy harvest. Beauty is becoming your new foliage.


Like the massive trunk of a tree, you have expanded as you grew. I have been stretching you beyond all fear, that you would expand in encountering My love. What I have been doing behind the scenes is coming quickly to the surface. As a divine inspiration in your heart, I am taking you deeper into knowing My personal love. 


You are in a bond of perfect love, I am your Father and you are My child. I will never abandon you nor will I forget what I promised. I look to you with only approval. My love desires the best for you always, love is the essence of who I am. The expression of My love brings fulfillment to every promise.


The intensity of My love does not measure or withhold, it only gives. Ask Me for a flower and I will give you a bouquet spilling over with lush roses. Have confidence in who I am. Confident boldness comes from knowing how deeply you are loved. I will exceed your expectations. 


This is the set time for your favor. I will show you the affection of My love. The smooth foundation has been cleared, now it’s time to rebuild. I will build you up in My glory and show favor to your dust. My promise is a gift, what I promised is what you will get. The clock is being reversed, to bring back what was lost. The substance of your believing will appear. Sink deep into My heart, be engulfed by the intentionality of My love. When you are helpless, remember that you are being held.


Rooted and grounded, you are being established in love. Run into My fullness. Take your rest in safety. Rest by believing, the promise is a gift. There is no reason for striving, let Me carry your burden. My love for you is unconditional, without conditions or limitations. The stretching prepared you for a banqueting garden, you have taken new ground. As a leafy crown shoots off a new bud. The pain of losing is turning into the beauty of retrieving. 





Written by Dannette Lynn