I Will Hold You Up

A love letter from the Lord.


“I am the Wind beneath your wings, holding you up. Lift your voice in praise, because I am lifting you up. The silent working of My plan will be revealed. The words of prophecy will suddenly be fulfilled. Every fear that you have battled will be confronted by My goodness. I am your Helper, in whom all things hold together.


Come to Me for refuge, I will keep you safe. With complete trust, fall into My love. I will raise you up on new wings. I will hold you up, to stay above the ground. The difficult journey you have walked has been a set up for you to receive the wealth of My blessing. Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides Me who acts on behalf of those who wait. 


You will stay above the ground, lifted up to higher levels. You will no longer appear empty from lack and poverty. Abundantly above all that you ask or need, I will provide, as you fully lay your weight on Me. Come up higher with Me, surrender in perfect trust. Cast every worry to Me, you are being filled with the fire of My love.


Be refreshed in pools of sheer grace. Your life will have a new appearance. As a bridegroom rejoices over His bride, I rejoice over you, as a diamond crown in My hand. Shall I bring to the time of birth and not cause delivery? No more will you live on just enough, but you will eat from the extravagance of My promise, drinking deep the water of Heaven. Trust Me when it doesn’t make sense by what you see in the natural realm.


This is the trust fall of faith. Sometimes letting go, need only to happen in your mind. That I may see the evidence, as you crown me Lord of your life. Trust me with your life and with everyone you hold close to your heart. I will lift you up and hold you, by the power of My hand. Prepare your plans in faith and I will determine your steps. The pit prepared you for the glory of the palace and who you are designed to be. 


Be strong and have courage. Do not fear, you will not fall. I am here to catch you, as the Hero who comes along. Your wings are ready, I am calling you up to radically bless you, in the sight of those who judge you. Lift up in trust, I will be the source of all you need. Up above the ground, you will fly away. Like the indulgent wings of a butterfly, your new life will be nothing like before. No longer will you be grounded in the dirt. You will be draped lavishly in the royal inheritance of the King and lifted up in the establishment of your double blessing”. 



Written by Dannette Lynn
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