Blooming in the Open Places

A love letter from Jesus.


I am leading you out of your place of limits, to allow your eyes to feast on what you have been dreaming. In the wide-open spaces that are out of your usual comfort, you will experience My goodness. This is the place where your faith is outwardly living. The place where I am leading you is going to be much better than you can question. It will take courage to trust me, to take the leap of faith. The things that have been afflicting you, I will begin to prune away.

My beautiful one you are like a purple field of lavender, swaying in the breeze. Being pruned into full beauty makes your beauty complete. Your roots do well from the time of taking away, bringing you into full maturity. Come away for a time of respite healing, let us run with ease. My peace pours over you, as you lounge in the place of my shade.

I am close to the brokenhearted and those with a contrite spirit, I save. You will grow perfectly in a wide-open space and as you absorb the light of My face. Let me take you away with Me, into an open space. Let’s run together! We will celebrate and sing.

With all abandoned trust, we will live out your faith. Enlarge the place of your tent, spread out and make lots of extra room. I am filling your life with the beauty of the bloom. Your faith life will come out into the open, to reveal the dazzle of your true colors. Those who are near and far will be engulfed by your aromatic fragrance.

Don’t be afraid, you will not be embarrassed. I will not put you to shame. You will not suffer lack. Don’t hold back, enlarge the place of your believing. You will forget the humiliations of the past. The days of being impoverished will fade from your memory.

I will bring you out to wide-open places, away from the false security. I will save you because you are my delight. Inhale the heavenly breeze of My peace, explore the freedom from disturbance. I am your source of peace. Embrace the harmony of My heart. In the quietness of tranquility, linger here with Me. To be at peace means to be complete. Rest in the fulfillment of My promises, My word I will always keep.

You will not be shaken. The promise-maker is faithful to the very end. You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace, singing the ballad of My love. The mountains and hills will burst into song before you, the trees of the forest will clap their hands. In my glorious presence, come and rest in My hand.

Sit in my shade and recline in My love. Drink from my fragrant spices, as the spikenard releases an intoxicating pleasure. I will hold you in My protective presence and shade you from the burning sun. I will be your shelter from the driving rain. I will tenderly care for you and be your everlasting love. My promise of peace will never leave you. Let Me handle every fear. I am fiercely for you, those who come against you will fail. Trust in what I am doing, your justice will prevail.

Take the risk of faith, as you start walking the ground beneath your feet will start to open up into an abundance. In every moment you will have a continuous stream of favor. Expand your thoughts to prepare for my endless possibilities. Believe for bigger and step out with Me into an expansion. Let go of the safe and comfortable place and let’s go on an adventure.

You are My treasure, My bride, capturing My heart with one glance from your eyes. Come up and away with Me, out from under the heat and pressure. Envelope yourself in the coolness of My tranquil healing. Follow Me into the open places of blooming and relax under the shade of My love. 



Written by Dannette Lynn