Powered by Faith


A love letter from Jesus


Hold on tight to what I promised you. The circumstances that you see are going to move. The roads that looked blocked, will be cleared. Suddenly I will do it. The intimidations before you will pass on by, like a wisp of fog, catching a moment of sun, before it completely disappears.

What looks impossible now, will become the solid road beneath you. Hold on to what you believe, this faith is starting to move you. The objects in the mirror of the spirit are closer than you think. It only takes a spark to light the forest aflame, keep declaring My promises, speaking what I have shown you. Wait patiently for Me, like a farmer who waits for the rain. Sometimes the first tree to blossom is the last to bear fruit. The longer the wait, the sweeter it will taste.

I care about you, right down to the tiniest detail. It takes faith to believe that you are My beloved, nothing could ever take My love from you. Never will you go without being favored. My kindness is always for you. You have the faith that overcomes every ounce of unbelief. When you cannot stand to go any further, lean into My love.

It may not always be what you expect, but I will always show My faithfulness. Faith comes with risk. My everlasting arms never slumber or sleep. Believe that I am ever-present, in your time of need.

See the light ahead, let Me lead the way. The fog is lifting up so that you can clearly see. Rest in My hand, waiting patiently for Me. I will never let you down, nor will I ever walk away. I am here for you, ready to help. Just because nothing seems to be happening, doesn’t mean that nothing is. I am putting everything together. Have faith that I am working behind the scenes. What I have started I will complete, My promises are the solutions to all of your problems.

The greater the pressing, the greater the oil. Consider it a sheer gift when your faith is under pressure. Like pure gold, your faith proves pure through the fire. I am a flame of Fire able to burn every thorn in your path, in a single day.

Believe that I will do what I promised. I am a wall of fire around you, there is nothing to ever fear. Believe that I care enough to respond, as you seek Me. By faith, you have planned your life according to what I have shown you, although you cannot see it. I am well pleased with you dearest, it is impossible apart from faith to please Me. Like Abraham who was counted Righteous, because he believed. You have moved My heart.

Be still, dear heart. Let go and trust. The wind and waves bow before Me. The ground shakes under My presence. The mountains before you will be moved, as you believe in what I promised and take Me at My word. Push past the clouds of doubt and believe in what you see through your eyes of faith.

Switch gears into ‘turbo drive’ and plow through the sleet of unbelieving. Press down your foot on the gasoline and take the risk of believing. In this journey, there is no turning back. It is wild and exhilarating, this venture powered by faith. The reward is worth the pressing, stepping into your promise.

Believe that you will see My goodness endlessly on this steady course of promise. When you come to the end of the road and there is nowhere left to turn, I will manifest My Word to be the bridge that moves you ahead. Every problem before you is an increase in knowing the intentionality of My love. There is nothing that will ever take you out of My hand. Be confident to know that you are My beloved.


Written by Dannette Lynn



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