Bloom Little Flower

This is a simple symbolic word for the new rising forerunner, who can be often misunderstood. This word was originally birthed on my Facebook wall and I have decided to honor the Lord by making this word into a recorded post so that it can be saved and remembered. 


Like a flower, you grew and spread your roots, into the Love of Jesus Christ. He watered you with His Spirit, as you grew and grew and grew. Like a beautiful bloom, you absorbed the warmth of His love. His light-filled your womb with His promises from above. He named each of your petals, of a destiny that you would serve. Upon every petal, there was a place where He ordained. He laid upon you a mantle, of fragrance from His hand.


With eyes of adoration to the One who spoke your name, your heart was full of passion for the love that Jesus gave. Other flowers of the field saw that you were different. They turned their hearts against you with preconceived judgments in their minds. The other flowers didn’t understand what you carried inside. They did not realize who you were in Heaven’s eyes. If only the other flowers could see that you carried a key of revelation inside of you to help.


Jesus sees your thoughts, as He bends down and says, “Don’t worry little Flower, soon I will lift you. The ones who once hated you will soon see that you are Blessed. You will help them little flower, just wait and see. You were not planted in dishonor, you were created for My Glory. Rest your heart in hand, see the beauty that you are. You are Chosen, Called and Anointed. Bloom little flower and spread your seeds. You were created for such a time as this”.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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