The Hour of Your New

A letter from the Lord Jesus, to His Beautiful Bride. 


“Through the midnight hour, I have seen your inner beauty. Radiantly, it glows from within. When you had nothing at all, still you chose me and kept me as your first love. Even in the times of extreme pain and suffering, you did turn away from loving me. The bitter tears that you wept will become the sweet wine of joy running past your lips. A Cinderella song, so lovely to be heard. The musical notes were carried by childlike faith to my heart. Sing and rejoice, for my presence is filling your midst, to bring new beauty to your life, as your prayers are made manifest.


Your name will no longer be one of shame, but you will be known as one who is filled with my Glory. No longer will you be chained by lack, your inheritance is in Me. Up, up! Flee from the past, you have been set free. No longer dwell in the sadness of history, for this is the hour of your new, you have been redeemed.


My Word of promise has been settled in Heaven and Earth. Look and see as it manifests. A new song bubbles up. You have been given rest, receive my gifts. I am moving in front of you to make your dreams come true. Diligently obey my voice, as an offering of true love. Return to me the glory of answering your prayers. Use the power of your testimony, to tell the world what I have done and what I am going to do. Give all Glory to my Name.


Soon you will see in the full light, what I have been doing for you. I am your anchor in the waves. When things start to shake, brace yourself into me. I will be your sturdy foundation. Let me hold you together, through the shaking of its release. You are wrapped up in my mercy. Your joy is being restored. I will reveal my arm to you in splendor, as the Glory of my presence fills your life, like the train of my garments filling a room.


He who touches you touches the apple of my eye, vengeance will be mine. In the place of your suffering, you will be elaborately blessed. No longer will your name be a disgrace from past mistakes made, I will make your name new out of my glory and all will call you blessed. 


You will be introduced as my Royal Bride as my refreshing river submerges you into my beauty. Look to me, darling one, and I will captivate you with my affections. No longer will you be limited, because I am your Portion. Midnight was only the beginning. Spin around in my reflection and see yourself as I do. Identify yourself as my bride, you are free from the past.


I am the source of all that you need. You cannot outrun my favor, as it fervently chases you down. Sing, Cinderella, a new song of praise. Open up your mouth and drink my grace. What I have shown you is rising up. No longer will you cherish the dream of your heart, but you will enter in. This is the hour of your New and the rescue of my devoted love”.




Written by Dannette Lynn.

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