Wonderland Manifested

Like falling down a rabbit hole, curiosity is unlocking wonder. What God promised will happen before your eyes. What felt like forever, could happen in a second. You are not bonkers, you have not lost your mind, you are accessing the Kingdom. When you wait for something long enough, when it finally happens, it will seem unexpected.


What is impossible with man is possible with God. Your whole world is about to change, powered by your faith. You will enter a wonderland of promise, following the pace that Jesus sets. You will never be late, but always right on time. It will come in an instant to disrupt your plans, to bring you out of the routine of circles, only to awaken in a dream of manifested wonders.


Like a new reality, this will be your life. Your new home will be in the wonderland of His promise. Expect the unexpected. Step in with faith, with wide open eyes. What God has promised to do, is exactly what will happen.


Have faith, hope, and trust in the One who is able to do just what He said. A miracle will manifest if you can believe it. What is real is the unseen, where butterflies of transformation fill the skies. Each promise is the deed to ownership and faith is how you use it.


Live in the place of wonder, seeing so much more than meets the eyes. Nothing will be impossible when you believe that what God promised will truly materialize. Always believe something WONDERFUL is about to happen. Step into the rabbit hole of faith and believe for the impossible in your life.



Written by Dannette Lynn


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