Rest in the Good Shepherd

A love letter from Jesus, the Good Shepherd.


“Trust in where I lead you, as a Good Shepherd I will protect you. My love is without fear, I will care for you. I have no plans to harm you, I am always good. No matter where you go, my hand is always with you. When you feel overwhelmed, lean into to my arms to hold you. You are held in my protection, as a baby held in the womb. Sometimes a blessing comes disguised as a heartache. Trust me through every season. Beauty often comes through patience, I will make all things beautiful in time. 


Softly, as the wind that drifts through the trees, I will revive you. Your cup is pouring over, with my blessings to overtake you. I am always with you, ever mindful of your needs. The river flows gently to carry every precious treasure that you place in me. Bedded down in lush meadows, I have taken care of your needs. I will be your everything, open your heart to trust me.


In the darkest valley, there is no need to be afraid. The valley places always lead you to greener pastures. As a Shepherd, when I lead you through the deep ravines of darkness, it is only a shadow. I will be the light for your steps. Blessings upon blessings, my plans are for your good.


I take diamonds in the rough and turn them into extravagant gems. As an expert jeweler, I am careful not shatter. What you place in my protection, you can trust me to deliver. The pressure you feel will drop suddenly, as a burden is taken up. Drink from the quiet pools of my Word, come into my safety. I will walk by your side, never to forsake you. I delight to honor you in the view of those who hate you, as an outcast who is lifted up. 


I understand your thoughts before you have formed them. I can see the path ahead, knowing the details of your heart is my passion. I know the words that you will speak before your tongue has released them. Every single day, you will come face to face with the intentionalities of my love. There is no need to fear calamity, I am always before you.


You are not alone. When you are afraid, reach out and hold my hand. When you cannot go a moment further, in my arms I will lift you up. Cradled in my strong arms, I will carry you. Rest in the Good Shepherd that leads you ahead. I already have a plan. Do not worry in paths of thick gloom or times of deep distress. I have crowned my goodness upon your head. 


I have made you and I will carry you, even until your old age. My beauty and love will pursue you every single day. In this journey of trust, every single moment of your life will be transformed into a Blessing. Come to me, lay your heart upon my chest and I will give you rest”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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