Expectant for Rain

A love letter from Jesus to the expecting.

“I will do just what I said, wait expectantly, for Me to manifest. I will bring something new, streams to make your desert bloom. There is a sound of an abundance of rain, to satisfy your longing and fill your hunger with my goodness. What I have promised will rise up, keep praying until you see it. Like ripples that multiply in the water, My blessings have you surrounded.

I send out My Word to melt the ice and snow, to give you double comfort from the warfare. Your faith is growing into a flurry, the anticipation is fluttering in your spirit. I cause My wind to blow and the waters to flow, the stormy wind fulfilling My orders. The humble will be beautified with My presence. As the rain comes down from Heaven, to water the earth and make the plants flourish, so will My word perform the purpose that I sent it.

Celebrate, go up and eat and drink, for there is a sound of an abundance of rain. Keep looking, watching for Me, as the watchman waits for the morning. My hand is open to satisfy the desires of your heart, I am abounding in love, a most generous giver. You have a good inheritance.

Come into the deep of My heart, like a cruise ship setting sail for the open seas. Set your navigation on the expectation of fulfillment. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but you will lack no good thing. You are crowned with My goodness, upon your forward paths drip an abundance.

Let go of what was and let me be your umbrella, My presence is starting to flood. My wind is stirring to lift you up. Feel the raindrops on your face. Those who look to Me are radiant, their faces are never ashamed. Hold on tight, this is going to be exciting.

Like the rain, suddenly you will see it. I am the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and Omega. Your valley of weeping will be transformed into pools of blessings. The dry places of famine will absorb the rain of My love with a flood of provision.There is no pain that you suffer, that I have not provided beauty for. I will comfort your wounds and bandage your pain. Abandon yourself in My loving arms, trust in My will.

Like water that leaps from a waterfall, let yourself be overcome by My presence. Have faith in who I am for you, have faith in My plans. Wait for Me, watchfully, ever believing in My Word. The rain is starting to pour, like tears of love that stream down My cheeks. You will be forever wrecked, completely transformed by the crashing waves of My Love flooding your body and soul”.

Written by Dannette Lynn

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