A True Prophet of the Lord


A letter from Jesus, to His friend. 


“I have told you my plans before they happened, to establish you with respect and honor. Not one word will fall to the ground. I am confirming you through what I have shown you that your faith would be deeply rooted. You are like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. 


When you jump into my arms, I will always catch you.


We are building a relationship of deeper trust and intimacy. Those who have heard you speak will believe that you are friends with me. Drape yourself in your royal robes of confidence, be brave enough to trust in me. I will take care of you, resist the urge to limit me. Nothing is impossible. You are my friend, you have the favor to receive what you speak. Your prayer has been heard, every word that I have spoken will happen right on time. 


I have overwhelmed you with my mercy, it will turn out exactly the way you have been told. When you are misunderstood and contradicted, you are in good company, so was the world with me. My grace is on you. You are mine, chosen and marked by my love. I am your defender. 


Unexpectedly I will come, as a sudden surprise to turn it all around. Be still and know that I am God, wait patiently for me. I will make a way and save you by manifesting my word, like a hero that breaks through. I will vindicate you by doing exactly what I have spoken. Those secrets that I have hidden in your heart will manifest into the light. 


 Have confidence in what I show you, have the courage to believe. Listen to my words and declare what I speak. At any moment, everything will change. Your heart will fold in worship as you see it before your eyes. Your ears will hear me say, ‘Did I not say it would happen?’ This is the time where I am establishing you as my friend. A true prophet of the Lord, who is highly respected and every word that you speak comes to fulfillment”.


Written by Dannette Lynn