Hang the Lights of Expectation

A love letter from Jesus to those holding on for a miracle. 


“Hang the lights of expectation, the stage has been set for a miracle to manifest. Keep pushing with your faith, believing that I will reveal myself. Trust in my arm and wait upon me. You will be transformed by my Love.


Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Hope will not disappoint, the tide is turning. Soon you will cross over into the land that I have promised that drinks water from the rain of Heaven. Your story is one that will change many lives, a testimony of Faith, Hope, and Love.


Nothing is ever hopeless, believe that my Glory can change everything present in your life. What I have called you to do, I will provide. It may look like nothing is happening or like nothing will ever change. It’s the silent night of waiting before the miraculous is birthed. In a moment, everything will change. You will see my Glory emerge because you have waited and believed.


I am moving at the sound of your voice, keep praying in the secret place. Revelation is springing up inside, flowing from me. I am your God, who stirs the sea. The God of the Angel Armies, who personally watches over you. Do not worry about what you see, many angels are helping you and working behind the curtain of the stage. Not by your own might or power will there be change, but by my spirit pouring out into your life.


I will provide you a place and plant you so that you are no longer disturbed. The wicked will not oppress you anymore. Do not fear the reproach of man or be afraid of their insults. The wicked are storm battering waves, unable to quiet down. Their waves stir up mud, never able to find peace. The fear of the wicked will come upon him and the desire of my righteous ones will be granted. Though you look for the afflictions, they will be no more. The battle is not yours, but mine. My beauty crowns your head. 


During the waiting, your faith is rising. You are digging up my Words of Diamonds, the manifestation of my Glory. Love is replacing all fear, flowing up through me, like water rising from the root of a tree. My waterfalls within, are crashing over your soul to fulfill your hopes with my love.


The miracle is right in front of you if you can only see. It’s about what you believe. So believe in my Love. My love is the hero that saves, just at the perfect time. I will be your comfort. You will rejoice because I have done what I said. 


What I have prepared you for will come about suddenly. The light of my face dances upon you, to fill you with more joy. You are growing strong in faith, the intimacy of trusting me. You can choose to be afraid or you can choose to trust. Rest is an act of prophetic worship that releases my peace as a flood.


It’s the silent night before the miracle takes place. I gave you my word as a receipt to redeem my unbreakable promise. I am your faithful husband and you are the target of my love. My love will be your rescue, keep hope close to your heart. Hope that is seen is not hope at all.


Hang the lights of expectation, a celebration of Faith, Hope, and Love. Praise and dance, as though what you hope for is already done. Wait expectantly for my faithfulness and my promise of love to manifest. Block out the storm around you, lock your eyes into me and I will show you how to walk on water and enter through the gateway to your miracle dreams”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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