Falling Stars

A Love Letter from the Father’s Heart.


“Far beyond the troubles that you face, lies an ocean of My love. Embrace the uncomfortable situations of pressing and I will take you deeper to displace all fear with My love. To be without fear is to be made perfect in My love. I want you to know the intentionality of My love and experience the security of being held. I want you to have confidence in who I am personally for you alone. Allow My cleansing waters to take you deeper into knowing My heart, take the plunge of deep trust. Find My peace as you sink, knowing that I will shelter you in My arms.


Build an altar of surrender. Let go of all that worries you and trust me. I am Good, there is no fear in love. I will answer by fire and swallow up the mountains of your life. You will be amazed, as I reveal My Glory and give you the reward of your faith. 


The sea stars of promise that line the ocean floor will be placed into your hand, no longer out of reach. You will emerge from this encounter with those words being tangible in your hands. Though you have licked the dirt off the ground, you will rise with the justice that you seek. I will burst through every blockage as the manifesting Dayspring, rising of the sun. 


I am your portion, the substance of all that you need. Who is like the Lord your God? Who is like Me? The Beginning and the End, I am He. I am taking you into an Abundant life. Minute by minute everything will change. One thing will set off another. Like a domino effect, your breakthrough will come. It will happen fast, in the blowing of My Mighty Breath. Don’t worry, I have a plan to give you My very best. 


I will send the powerful winds to uproot the trees in your path. Like a freight train rushing past you, there will be a sudden change. The blockades before you will melt under My Finger. The tears streaming down your cheeks will dry away, from My kindness in your life. Instead of tasting the ashes of pain, you will taste the decadence of My intentional love, like rich chocolate that melts in your mouth.


My loyal love will never run out, I am an endless sea of love. My mercies will never dry up, they are new every morning. Rise and shine, your light has come. See the daybreak of morning. Look to Me, even when I am all you have left. My compassion will not fail and I prove good to those who passionately wait. You will see the unseen and inherit my promises by faith. Enter into a clean slate, free from restrictions and weight.


Fix your heart under My Shadow, My power no foe can withstand. I will do exceedingly abundantly above all that you could ask. When the oceans rise and the wind blows, rest in My embrace. I will be the everlasting arms that hold you always. I am your Dwelling Place. You are sheltered in the presence of the Almighty God.


I am driving out your enemies and swallowing up the pharaoh of the sea. I have cradled you in My protective love. I will make a way for you to cross over into what I promised you. I am making all things new and piling up for you the shells of your hearts desires coming true. Seek me first and I will add all My treasures to you.


You will forget the struggles of your past, a new day is at hand. From your hardships, you will experience the intentionality of My love. Surrender your life, lay it down and sink deep into My love. Relinquish all control to My plan. Allow the waters of My love to rise up over your head. You will touch the stars of promise and gather them in your hands. In this journey of deep trust, I will spread those promises beneath your feet, vast like the sand that ripples the floor of the sea. You will see the immensity of My good treasure. Prepare to be amazed to see My wonders touch your life. Build Me an altar of trust and sink deep into My everlasting sea of Love”.


Written by Dannette Lynn



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