The Return of Happiness


A love letter from Jesus



Weeping through the night, through the loss and pain. There were times that you suffered what you never deserved. Tragedies and natural disasters both leave a trail of destruction behind. The storms that come never have the last say. I will make something beautiful out of your pain.


I will rewind you back to the beginning, to restore your life. I know the plans that I have for you, they are plans that are good. My plans are to restore your hope and give you a bright future. Bad things will be turned into good, to bring you into your purpose. The wind is carrying you into the promise, like a tornado birthing rainbow dreams. The sun will part the clouds away.


Pick up your chin, you will laugh again. Look through your troubles to see my Sovereign hand. Trust passionately in who I am. I am always good. From the pits of life, you will stand upon the castle tops. My hand is in the details of your life to take you from glory to more glory.


I am your Good Shepherd, you will not be in want. I am with you in valley places, never fear the shadows of death. I am your strength, what do you have to fear? Your circumstances are not sovereign, there is only one true LORD. I am the King who Reigns over ALL


Your life will represent a lily, in perfection and purity. Blooming out of grace, your tears will be turned into beauty. As a lily among the thorns, so is My love for you. The thorns of life have not restricted you, growing in radiance in the low valleys. The valleys have had a purpose for you.


Like a sweet and fragrant flower, the most beautiful of them all. The tallest of flowers, yet it keeps its head bowed low. The humbling of encountering pain that has turned into a new beauty will cause darkness to regret ever attacking you. In the essence of humility, the trials you have faced have been used to prepare you to lead with My heart.


The injustice that was done to you will be your place of promotion. You will receive public vindication and I will give you honor. Your head will be lifted up above your enemies all around you. Those who come against you will only fall, I will allow no weapon against you to prosper. You will see My goodness everywhere that you look. I have prepared a table for you in the presence of those who hated you and cast you out. My anointing pours over you, in commissioning of honor and promotion.


Those who falsely accused you will see that I have loved you. The suffering has become your platform. There was a purpose found in the pain. You were faithful to the simple things, I am setting you overmuch. You have ravished My heart. Know Me now as the source of true love. I will consume all the pain away and I will envelop you in the royalty of My name.


You will be known by a new name of honor instead of shame. I will make you forget your hardships and bless you in the place of your suffering. Famine will multiply into double prosperity. Sorrow will be replaced with true happiness. I will turn your every pain into doubled blessings.


As a lily among the thorns, so is My love for your heart. Your heartache will be replaced. The valley places will be swallowed up by the dream that I placed in your heart. It’s the return of your happiness. A lily that has grown lovely among the thorns. Out of your troubles, I will give you the richest reward. 



Written by Dannette Lynn