Sudden Eruption

The pressure has been building for an extended time. Growing and filling with the heat to refine. The time of waiting has been a time of growing in faith and patience. You have been standing against all opposition, clinging for dear life to the Lord’s secrets of the night. As the tipping point gets nearer, the stillness is unnerving, like a long quiet night of waiting for an appointed time.

For years you have waited for the manifestation of dreams and visions. It is faith under pressure, as you rest in what God has spoken, the pressure of the Kingdom is building. In a sudden moment, prophecies will explode into fulfillment. The Word planted inside will manifest, pouring out into your life, like a volcanic eruption.


It was for a set time, a time for you to bear the fruit of His word, of Jesus within. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. In a moment, everything will change. An eruption will bring the manifested Glory that you have been expecting. Your dreams will come true, every one. No longer will you have a heavy heart, but you will return with an armload of blessings. The promises that you have banked in the vault of your heart will be brought into view. 


You will say, “it finally happened”. It will be like a dream, full of wistful wonder. The ruins of the storm will be rebuilt with stones of topaz, scattered diamonds, and clusters of rubies. You will be an unrecognizable beauty.


Out of the hot ashes will appear a rainbow mist. In the place where the fire once burned, the new flowers will bloom. The Lord will set you into the place for which you yearn, His Words are pure like silver tried in the furnace and purified seven times. All that is not real will pass away, but God’s word will last forever.


Those who entwine themselves with God will mount up with eagles wings, rising out of the coals and ashes into the placement of destiny. Jesus is before all things and in Him, all things hold together. What was meant to hurt you, was used to make you stronger. God is working all things out for your good, to turn your teardrops into diamonds.


Even in the little things, God will show you compassion. Before the prayer is on your lips, His answer will be, Yes. Have faith in His goodness. When pressure builds up, eruptions occur. In the silence, your faith is under pressure. Suddenly, you will be in awe, as see with your eyes what was planted in your heart. Every precious promise will be displayed by the manifestation of the Spirit.


At the designated time, a turn of events will quickly take place. The wheel has started rolling. What you have waited so long to see, will confront you face to face. The pressure and waiting are building to suddenly release the Dreams. Keep praying and decreeing, suddenly the Power of God will ignite your words.  The heavier the pressure means the eruption is drawing near for an immediate release. 



Written by Dannette Lynn

Diamonds from the Dust, LLC. © 2017. All rights reserved.