From the Father

From the Father, 


“ I have placed into you my precious promises, that I may show you, my love. In ways that you cannot understand, my footprints were hidden, as I crafted my plans into your life. My heart is for you to know the intentionality of my love and to leave you in a childlike wonder as you see what I have done. That you would come to understand how remarkable my omnipresence is moving with you, in every moment of your life. I am the God who sees you, with every beat of your heart.


Even in your anguish, you have remembered what my hand has done for you. As a wife cannot bear a child on her own, likewise you must believe to receive what I have given to you. By your believing heart, you will receive the POWER to conceive this promise.


You can believe in me because I am FAITHFUL. I am always faithful to you. Even when others cast you off, you can always count on me. So set your hope on me and believe. After you have patiently endured, you WILL receive what I have promised. I am so Faithful! In every moment of your life, let my faithfulness be the hope that you cling to. I am a very GOOD Father.


Your FAITH is rising! You are not one who draws back, but you are the one who believes with all of your heart. I am doing the impossible for you. If you truly knew my love, you would not be afraid. If you knew who I was for you, the walls of doubt and unbelief would not still be standing. Let me show you, my child.


In the tribulations and storms, I use my love to give you a new perspective that is higher. Higher than the enemy, you are seated above. Every fall is used for your rise, every affliction is used for your increase. You are my love warrior and the carrier of my promises.


I am coming to you as an avalanche of love. The tidal wave of my love washing over you and removing every trace of fear. I am coming to war with fear today. My spirit is flooding and healing your mind, even now it has begun. Let go and trust and the walls of fear will come tumbling down. My love will crash over your soul, no more will you cry to me with doubts of my goodness.


You are BOLD and CONFIDENT. I laugh with joy and I bubble with excitement at the love surprises that I am sending you! I am giving you outrageous faith, to move every mountain.


Say, Yes, beloved. Say, Yes. Surrender all and trust. 


It is a beautiful exchange of surrender. As you let go, you are filled up. Receive this impartation and come running against every fear. You will know me as you have never known me before because you have taken the risk of trust. Let go of all your worry and jump into my loving arms. There is no hill too high for you, no valley that is too low. From a tiny mustard seed of faith, you will speak and it will MOVE”.




Written by Dannette Lynn

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