You Have Been Crowned

A love letter from Jesus. 


“Draw close to me, bind your heart to mine. I am your husband and your refuge.  My wing of protection I have spread over you. I have redeemed you and I will prosper you. I will cause wealth to be transferred to your name. My love has redeemed you from every mistake.


You will be known by a new name, the shame of the past has been wiped away. The labels of the enemy no longer have a place. Come and rest in my Name and in your royal identity. A change of ownership means a change of name and you belong to me. I have ransomed you from all that was against you and I will restore you to honor. From the deep dirt, you will arise in My beauty.


Stretch your mind to see that you are royalty and believe who I say that you are. Bend your thoughts to see that you are not what darkness said you are, but you are beautiful. Forget the past and come away with me. Put on your breastplate of righteousness to protect your heart. Be increased in faith to receive my word for you. Nail yourself in strength to my word and bind your heart to mine forever.


Do not fear, you will not be put to shame.  The morning joy that I give you will cause you to forget the agony that you have suffered. Every problem that you battle will be taken down. My kindness and mercy will always be set towards you.


When your enemies rise against you with jealousy and accusations, they will fall for your sake. I will make your ears silent to their lies and I will hold my hand over your mouth to self-defense. I will defend you and fight for you. I will not allow their weapons to stand against you. The stones of accusation will be your stepping stones onto the stage of Honor that I have prepared for you. Every curse has been turned into a double blessing.


Your days of hard service from fear and sitting in the dirt are ended. Receive my throne of Love waiting for you. From before you were born, I chose you as mine. You are the target of my affections. Commit to devote yourself to me as my royal bride because I am in love with you.


Evil has tried to hide you, but my love for you has never failed. The tears that you have sown have sprung up into rivers of Joy. Your tears are being poured out to turn dust into Diamonds. The ashes that you have worn have turned into garments of Beauty. What was sown in dishonor has been raised up in Honor. No weapon will ever prevail against you. The shame that the enemy has tried to place upon you has become a crown of Royal Honor upon your Head. You have been CROWNED. ”




Written by Dannette Lynn

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