The Floods are Assigned for Your Blessing

The water tides fade away and come back again. What was meant to hurt you will be your place of blessing. Like a Pearly Nautilus, you swim into the deep waters. A smooth swimmer, you navigate the water with ease. The small tube near the tentacles expels water under pressure. The pressure is used to propel the Nautilus in the opposite direction at high speeds. What was meant to drown you will become a blessing. Thanks to God for His generous gift.
Deep calls to deep, as Jesus speaks,
“I have sheltered you and I will carry you. You are carried in My arms, like Noah, meaning Rest. The storm only lifts you higher, into a place of increase. I bless you to prosper. Cast your cares upon Me and I will lift you up. I will do what I have said. What good is a seed without water or a promise without an action?
Rest in Me, as I lead you into your inheritance. Stay connected to Me and let My words live in your heart. Do not doubt My love for you, but remain in My love. If you treasure My words, then you will remain in My love. I have chosen you, that My joy and delight be in you. The wind and the waves know My name, be still, dear heart, be still. Don’t worry, I will take care of you. I will not abandon you. You have My loving attention. Anxiety is a temptation, remember that I am Sovereign.
I sent My word and healed you and delivered you from destructions. With My love for you, I broke the power of a curse. Settle it in your heart that it is done, I am your help. Build an altar of surrender, call upon My name. The altar of the heart is a meeting place with God.
With simple trust and obedience, lean not on what you see. You are a crown of glory in My hand. No longer will you be uttered as deserted, because you are My delight. Those who were against you will be disgraced. This is the place of transition from being skipped over to being sought after because I have placed a headdress of favor upon you.
As a bridegroom rejoices over His bride, I rejoice over you. My word brings the performance of a miracle, you are appointed for a blessing. Against all hope, believe in hope. Consider not your circumstances, but lift up your eyes on high and see who has created all things. Who can compare to God, who is like the Lord? I have measured the waters in the hollow of My hand and calculated the dust of the earth in a measure.
Feeding My flock like a good Shepherd, I gather you close to My heart and draw you near. I lead those who are with young with tender care. I am for you, who can be against you? Rejoice in hope, as I give you honor instead of humiliation. I will heal your broken heart and replace your sorrows with beauty. I wipe the dust off of your face, My name is written on your forehead. I give good news to the humble and to the afflicted. Dreams will become a reality if you are willing to sacrifice the comfortable place and believe.
Protect the direction of your thoughts, walk by faith and not by sight. Fear causes pain in the mind, dwell in My love. Come away from what you see and come into the land of trusting faith. Allow My word to bring you into complete dependency. Believe that you receive and step close Me. Meditate on My word, until My spirit manifests in your life.
The best things happen unexpectedly. In the place of opposition, the tide will turn. The pressure is pushing the miracle through. Have the joy and peace of believing. Things aren’t as they seem. It’s opposite in the spirit. What seems far from coming is closer than it appears.
The highest mountains of opposition that you see were already washed away. As the winds of My spirit blow, the waters are receding. Safely you land upon the mountains of Ararat, meaning, the curse is reversed. You have the victory!
Hope is filling you with all joy and peace, as you trust in Me. I give strength to your weariness and increase you in power. Instead of being drowned by the crashing waves, you have learned to swim. The waters have risen you close to Me, like rising toward the sun. The flood was assigned as your place of increase. What was against you will rapidly lift you higher. From now on, everywhere that your feet step, will be a Double Blessing”.
Written by Dannette Lynn
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