Promises all in a Row

Like a sunflower, you were planted for more. Planted to grow tall and confident in knowing your Father’s unwavering love. You are very special, not like many others. A sunflower is one of the fastest growing plants, growing so much taller than others.


Your Father’s hand planted special promises within you, your seeds have a spiral formation, not just one promise, but many are your portion. So many promises are connected, ready to bloom right in a row. One right after another. Many circumstances in your life have been connected for a purpose to bring them all together. Like a sunflower with up to 2000 individual flowers in one, all connected at the base, you have many promises to bloom all together.


A picture within a picture, with many pieces to the puzzle. Your promises are connected to bloom into a full Beautiful one! You are your Heavenly Father’s beloved child and your oil is very rich to bless others. Like a sunflower, you were created for beauty, with large petals fanning around the edge.


Your heart is so deeply connected to Jesus, you follow His leading, from the east to the west. Father smiles so brightly when He looks at you. He has so many wonderful plans ready to bloom and miracles waiting to happen.


To you, beloved, He says,


“Beloved flower, don’t you worry. You are in My providence and I will take care of you. I know every detail of what is happening in your life. I already have a plan for you. I Am the Beginning and I Am the End. Don’t lose hope, but keep praying with your faith. Your faith is about to experience a revival. 


All things are possible with Me, you are planted in a place called Beautiful. It’s time for a miracle. Did I not say that if you believed, that you would see what I have said? Miracles are part of your inheritance, come as a child and Believe again.


Give Me your heart, I will help you with any unbelief. Lay down in your Fathers rest and commit your ways to Me. Your faith moves My heart when I see you look to Me. Even though you haven’t seen, still you believe. There is no lack in Heaven, I have all that you need. I am your lightning and your deliverance. What will you be frightened of? I am your safe harbor of protection.


When your enemies or foes make plans to harm you, they will grow faint and fall. Like a wobbly building, their plans will totter to destruction. I have you safe in My Hand. You can be confident that you will see My goodness. I will strengthen your heart and mind, wait for Me and rest. Stand upon My Word, you will not be shaken. That which I started, I will do. I am the one who gave you the promise and I will deliver it too.


Let your heart be soothed with peace, I have placed treasure in your sack of provision. Grace upon grace, I will give you five times bigger than anything you have ever had. Difficulties are the birthing place of My miracles. Don’t look at the problem, only look to Me, your source.


Be filled with wonder! Be amazed and marvel at My goodness. Something fascinating and unexpected is going to happen. You will be wide-eyed like a child, full of excitement. Come closer, draw near. You don’t have to fight for what I have promised.


Draw near to Me in the land of My provision. I will provide for you and your household and all that you have. The best of My land is yours. I am with you on your journey. Let your heart overflow with a good theme. I didn’t take you this far to ever leave you or lead you astray. Songs of grace are on my lips. I will be your rescue.


I shut what no man can open and I open what no man can shut. Come and eat from the King’s table, you are seated in a place of favor. When your riches increase, don’t set your heart on them. Keep Me in the center of your heart. In the shadow of My wings, you will rejoice as I crown your year with goodness and the paths ahead of My abundance.


Keep your eyes on Me, like a sunflower growing towards the sun. Can a mother forget a nursing child or have not compassion for her son? Even so, I will not forget to do all that I promised and right on time. Every hair on your head has been counted, such details too wonderful to even imagine. 


Many promises will bloom all together, like flowers in a bunch. Every seed has been perfectly planted to come one after the other. In amazement, you will be like a child of fascination and wonder. Believe and you will see. Stay young at heart in that place of the purest trust. I am a Good Father and you are my well-loved child. Flourishing like a flower in the warmth of the sun, I will cause you to encounter the intentionalities of My love. As your promises are delivered in a heap of goodness, like multiple flowers in a sunflower, all in one. ”




Written by Dannette Lynn

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