I Am Faithful

A love letter from Jesus.


“I am yours, whose faithfulness is a golden band, with the purity of Diamonds in radiant light. Turn your heart to me to be mine. I will be all that you need if you are willing to believe. For your maker is your husband, do not worry but believe. My promises will not disappoint. You have been redeemed, stay connected to the Vine. I will fight for you and protect you, like a wall of fire all around. All that I AM, I place into your hand. I give you myself, in all fullness, that you may be filled with my glory and light.


Rest yourself in my hand, in the work that I have done. You have an inheritance from the Beloved Son. I will adorn your face with radiance, you will not be put to shame. Beauty will be a cloak around you and I will give you a new name. I will rewind the hands of time. What you have lost will be restored. You will recover the newness of life. Rejoice in your hope, waiting will see a sudden end. For every dream in your heart, I am speaking life.


Sing, O Barren, you who have not received your promise. For you are about to receive much more. It’s raining grace upon you, press in and you will see. Believe and you will have all that you need. Tears are turning into beauty, the hope deferred is healing. I am turning up your level of expectancy. My promises will overcome your pain, it isn’t over yet. What I have spoken will come to pass, I am the beginning and the end, always connected to you, like a ladder up to heaven.


Goodness is rising up, it is a new tomorrow. I gave you a promise of hope and future of better days to come. You are drenched with my spirit. I am immersing you in the waters that spring up into life. From the gloominess and defeat, I am calling forth your light. Don’t look down and brace yourself for disappointment. What you have experienced is different from now. Lift up your chin, a new day has come!


Let your faith soar high to receive the manifestation of my word. In every place that you have suffered, I have come to fill. I will fill those desolate places with blessings, the opposite of what you have struggled. You have been predestined to know my great power that works for those who believe. Your inheritance comes from me. All that need is in my vine. A magnificent power flows inside. Believe in your heart and pull my virtue out. I have blessed you with every spiritual blessing from my heavenly places. It has been settled beforehand that you will receive an impartation of my Glory Light.


I carry your weakness upon my shoulders, your help is from me. I am the true Vine. Lift up your eyes and look, at what I will do. Open your heart to me, I will be all that you need. You can count on me. Do not be afraid, unlike the former ones who have let you down, my love for you will never lie. Tried and tested, like a beaming gold band that has been refined in the furnace 7 times. Abide in my love. Lay your burdens down and rest in my Vine. I am always Faithful”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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