New Garments of Miraculous Beauty

A letter the those who have been promised a Cinderella-like miracle. 


In order to have a Cinderella story, there must also be a miracle transformation, to leave behind the ashes and become the new beauty. All of God’s children are entitled to a miraculous transformation through faith, men and women alike. Just before Cinderella had her miracle, the wicked sisters ripped her dress to shreds. What see in the natural now, is not what you get. Please enjoy this loving letter from Jesus about obtaining your promised miracle.



“Arise my Cinderella and shake off the dirt that was once found on you. It is the time that we cross over into something new. Where you are going, I am already there. Rest in your promise, the ride is on me. Your chariot awaits, open the door and step in. Cut off the thoughts of what you see presently and come into the new promised dream. Close your eyes to your current circumstances and see what I see. Come into full agreement with my word and I will fulfill it.


My splendor I bestow on you, to give you beauty for ashes. To ask is to receive. I have given you a golden ticket to enter the gateway of promise and your stamp of approval is guaranteed. Touch my garments and see how your faith has healed you. See the vision of your promised future dancing before you, from the richness of my intentional love.


Close your eyes to what has happened to you and see only my smile. Let every pain melt away in my perfect peace that covers you now. See, it drops like dew from heaven and covers the wounded places of your heart. The past is in the past, I am doing something new. I have removed your shoulder from the burden, in the spirit, it has already been done. See my word, even before it manifests.


It is time to put on your new garments and place your royal crown upon your head. Royalty is in your veins. My righteousness shall go before you and make your footsteps a pathway. I come gloriously in my apparel, traveling in the greatness of my strength, to proclaim over you the loving-kindness of ways.


I will lead you through the deep change, as a horse in the wilderness, that you may not stumble. I will help you. I have paid the price for you to make your dreams come true.


Beauty is your inheritance. Put on the garments of my miracle power. Stretch your thoughts and bend your mind past all limitations and see what I see. Heaven is waiting for you to see the brand new YOU. Pull with your faith on my virtue. Adorn yourself in my love.


The Kingdom of God is not in word alone but in power. It is more than just to read these words, you must center yourself in focused attention and activate the power within. Surely I will do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can ask or think, through the power that I have placed in you.


You are a joint heir with me. Just believe with all of your heart. Activate your faith continually, until you see the manifestation happening. I can change everything in a moment and I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek me.


Step into the Spirit through Faith and clothe yourself with me, the Lord Jesus. Put on my miracle garments. Press in with your eyes of faith. See yourself putting on the robes of Christ. See my golden garments of GLORY draped around your shoulders. See your new freedom and the new creation that I have made you. I am your victory, all things are possible through me if you will believe. Put on Christ, the armor of light and I will fight your battle for you.


Dress yourselves in my power and cast off the works of darkness. Everything I have, I give to you, child of promise. Believe in your heart and see through the eyes of faith. What you will press in for, I will give to you.


I will fulfill every promise to you, just believe and you will see what you have hoped for in faith. Clothe your mind with the thoughts of my promise. What has been promised is already done. It’s time to change your thoughts into something new. Arise Cinderella and put on the miracle garments of my beauty. A promise that will never be taken away.”



Written by Dannette Lynn

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