Out of the Dirt

All there is to see is dirt, for miles and miles it seems. Dreams dashed into pieces, failures, and losses like slivers of pain in your feet. Everything crumbled apart, in the dust and ruins of what used to be. You had a dream of better things than this.


The waves of grief and adversity nearly took away your breath. What appears in the natural realm is not what you were believing. Any hope of expectation seems buried deep in disappointment. In steadfast tears, you weep at the destruction of what has become. Water rolls off of your eyes and falls into the dirt.


Then you hear the voice of your Beloved Jesus and He begins to say:



“Wait, it’s not over yet, it is only the beginning. From out of your losses, flowers are blooming. The thorns and the prickers were used for your good. The dirt was like an irritant trapped inside of an oyster, over time it formed a luminous pearl of great treasure.


The slow process of crushing the flower petals has been part of your perfumed anointing. A fragrance that increases over time. The cold winds that blow cause your spices to pour out. Every curse that was against you has been turned into a blessing.


Arise and shine, My Glory covers over you. Call out your promises, the sun is rising up. There will be beauty from your losses, double for your troubles. Like a Sakura tree, of fragile grace and short-lived beauty, the petals have fallen and new leaves are budding. The end is the sign of the beginning.


It is darkest before the dawn, you are closer than you think you are. Hold fast to what is good, you cannot get positive results by watering the seeds with negative thoughts. Abide in My love and rest in what I have promised. Even in the wee hours of the morning, stir up your faith to believe again.


The refreshing rain is falling, washing the spiders away. Drenched in My love, flowers of promise are popping up. You’re going to laugh again, the River of healing is bubbling up. What was planted will come full circle, into manifestation.


Sudden change will happen. Wipe the dirt off of your feet. Better days are on the horizon. Forget what went wrong and look at My face. I love to see you smile. Hold onto hope, you will not be disappointed. I have plans for your future. Plans that are good. In My book, all of your days were written. Your frame was not hidden from Me when you were made in secret. Trust Me, believe in My Word. Water the seeds with your faith. Call those things that are not out, as though they were.


Out of the dirt will emerge a garden full of Promise. Full of beauty and draped in radiance. The adversity that you endured was used to make abundantly more than you expected. No weapon formed against you will ever prosper. What you thought was a graveyard of dreams is the beginning of a love song. Your story isn’t over yet, I am making all things new again. This is not the end, this is only the beginning”.

Written by Dannette Lynn