A Loss Turns into Beauty

A letter to those in mourning from Father God. 


This is a tender moment when the cold winds blow and loss touches the deep places of the soul. It is a place where the river water departs and it returns again.


There is a time to mourn and a time to dance, even the prettiest plants see days of grey. There are days when the bowstrings are loosed and the harps turn to mourning. The sun is faithful to come out after the rain. Surely there is a purpose in the pain. The agony of loss will be replaced with love and every pain will see better days.


In the midst of this night, you are not alone. Like a cherished baby, Father God gently rocks you and sings His comfort song.


“Hush my baby, wipe your eyes. I will comfort your sorrow and give you laughter again. My song is with you in the night. Out of your teardrops, I will bring a harvest of blessings, as I turn the bitter days into sweet and joyous praise.


I will turn the muddy places of your life into the splendor of rubies, as beauty overtakes the ashes. The shadows of sadness will disappear as my light fills your soul with the grandeur of my brightness.


You will see my extravagance, as I cover you in decorative gold and ornaments of precious diamonds and silver. The jewels of beauty that I give to you have been formed in the fire. Through the intensity of your trials, comes an indestructible beauty for this new chapter.


Your treasures are safe with me, no devourer can ever steal them. No pain lasts forever and no suffering can compare to what I have planned to give you. You will indulge yourself in the extravagance of my good treasure. I will comfort you in your troubles and replace the pain of loss with love.


Lift up your eyes to see, this story is not over yet. The rainbow is starting to manifest. The windows of Heaven are over you to release a glory rain. Your latter years shall be your better, as all things work together for your good. Instead of ashes, I give you BEAUTY and glittering gems instead of affliction.


There is Hope my baby, out of the grief you will discover a bubbling joy as you see the new page that I have written. Sunny days are here, the clouds will fade away. Rest in my arms as I heal your pain away and turn your tears into new Beauty”.



Written by Dannette Lynn

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