The Goodwill of the Father’s Song

The Father’s Song 


“I am a Good, Good Father, let my lyrics fill your heart. So many times you have been afraid, yet I will never let you down. Think of all the times that you have discovered My love. Or the desperate moments when I brought praise to your mouth. I go before you with your best interest in My mind. Even in unexpected ways, I turn everything around for your good.  I turn pain into beauty and the joy of a new day. Promises of things to come to bring a solution to every problem. How precious are My thoughts of you, they are more than you could ever gather. The thoughts that I think toward you are for good and not for evil. My plans give you hope and a future. 


Trust in My Good, pleasing and perfect will. With all abandoned trust, allow the waters of My love to wash away the fear and dread of what may come. Turn around and let Me remind you of who I am. Come close to My heart and hear the rhythm of My song. Dwell in My secret place and abide in the Shelter of my protection. Lean not on your own understanding, but in all of your ways trust in Me. Let go of your fears and step into the Destiny that is calling. Overcome thoughts from evil with good, by turning every negative thought into thoughts of good. 


How much better are My Good gifts than that of an earthly Father? There is no need to worry. I will always be Good to you and that will never change. No matter where you go, I am always on your side. I will shield you and set a place for you in the presence of your enemies. Those who rise up against you will be defeated before your face. Even with your enemies, you will have peace. My anointing pours over your head, your cup runs over.


Fear of man will fog your vision of who I Am and prove to be a snare. I will never abandon you, by trusting in Me you are safe. What can man do to you? I am on your side. My Goodness will never change. Surely Goodness and Mercy will follow you all of your days.


I have put a new song in your heart. A song of thankfulness to lift your confidence and take you deeper into trust. Believe in who I am for you and that you will see My Goodness. I am taking you into the place of your personal promises, a land that drips with milk and sweet honey. Have faith in the outcome. I will instruct your heart in the night and show you the way to walk.


Draw near to Me and sing a song to push the fear away. Your faith is rising up. The substance of your Faith will surely manifest. Focus your heart on who I am, nothing can stop Me from being myself. Don’t have more faith in the enemy who wills to do you harm. Have faith in Me to be a Good Good Dad, remember that I am Sovereign. I am able to do more abundantly that you can even think and I am mindful of all of your ways. 


The time of singing has come, as I serenade you with the songs of My love. Come close and let us be in unison. You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace. The mountain and hills will burst into song before you in perfect harmony. A melody of the One who proclaims Goodwill and peace. When you cannot see My hand, trust in the nature of my heart. The lines have fallen to you in pleasant places, you have a good inheritance in Me. Let your heart rejoice and always rest in Hope.


My promises are forever, I will never change. Like a songbird, sing of My intentionality. Let your confident confession be the prologue to your manifested dreams. Bells chime from a distance, of My dreams for you that are coming to fruition. It is a song of your Father’s heart, sing it with Me and believe in My faithfulness. 


Like a violin with tears of love rolling off the strings, your beauty is flourishing out of the ashes. It’s not the instrument alone, but the person that plays the notes that makes the splendor of the music. I will order your steps, release your song of Joy, knowing that your prayer has been accepted. Believe that you already have what you are requesting. I have put the dream in your heart to fulfill it, not to leave you wanting. 


Nothing will be impossible to those who will believe in the Goodness of the Father and the Salvation of the Son. See what I see, and declare with your faith the things to come. For I, the Lord your God will hold your right hand, and say to you, Fear not, I will help you. Quiet your soul and hear My song. Like birds singing cheerfully in the trees. Come up here and hear the Goodness of your Father’s heart. You are My precious child and I love you”.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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