An Invitation to Dream

A letter from Jesus, an invitation to dream.

Favored one,

I have made your dreams a place to weave and sow upon. A place where I can display the intentionality of My love. Dreams and desires planted by Me, for so long now you have longed to see. What you thought was a heart’s desire was also a seed of My promise to come. Often your rival has provoked you in attempts to make you miserable, at the absence of seeing the dream I placed in your heart. Your eyes will see what your heart has held its faith upon.

Daily I load you with benefits, as I crown you with My loving kindness and tender mercies. You will see My goodness and the days of fainting will be done and over with. It was My plan all along to answer this heart’s desire. This is a new day and I will cause My face to shine upon you. The beauty of your life will take flight, like wings of a dove, covered with silver and having feathers glimmering with yellow gold.

Focus on My good thoughts, transformation happens first in the mind. Take captive every negative thought and only dwell on the good report. Let your focus be on My goodness and being My favored one. Turn every thought into a thought of trust and believing in what is good. There is always hope, no matter how broken your life has become.

I have redeemed your soul in peace from the battle that was against you. Taking upon you wings like a dove, hasten to escape the windy storm and tempest of the negative thoughts that come. Sometimes the full weight of a burden isn’t realized until it has been fully laid down. All things were made by Me and without Me, nothing was made. The light shined into the darkness, but the darkness did not comprehend. You can count on Me, lay your worries at My feet.

Lay it all down, let go and trust. Ask Me and you will receive. With arms open wide, let go and fly on the dreams woven in My love. Leave the ground as you release your heavy burdens to Me. Open your heart and trust. You can laugh without fear at the future, I am your refuge and your strength. A very present help in trouble, be anxious for nothing. I give you My Peace.

I will train you to soar in a place of high favor. As you stop struggling you will rise up. Do not fear losing control, I will take care of you. Let My peace fill your heart, as you rest in trust. Think big, you can do all things, you are My favored one. I have been drawing the desire out of you so that I can cause it to manifest. Ask and it shall be given, have confidence in My Yes.

Exult and rejoice greatly, it is your time to blossom. Let My favor for you become your confidence, it’s safe to dream again. Ask and you will receive, believe with all of your heart. Know who I am for you and know who you are to me. You are My favored one and I will give you beyond what is expected. Trust Me as your friend and as the Promise Keeper. I will make your dreams a reality to see, nothing is impossible with Me. Become as a little child again and dream a dream with Me”.

“But to Hannah, he gave a double portion, because he loved her, though the LORD had closed her womb. 1 Samuel 1:5”

Written by Dannette Lynn
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