Draw Close to Me As I Raise You Up

A love letter from Jesus to the Promoted. 


“Draw close to me as I raise you up. Lock eyes with mine, coming together like swans. We will form a perfect heart out of the deepest love. I will hold you forever in the midst of all the shaking, as a song of songs and a swan dance of true love. I will be your peace as I lift you up. My anointing oils are fragrant, my name is oil poured out. I will draw you after me to run, as I bring you into the King’s chambers of protective love.


Like young swans huddling together for protection, meet me in the garden of intimate love. You are a garden enclosed, a fountain that is sealed. The rumbling and shaking will be around you, as I make you like a rocket to blast off. I am taking you higher, your vindication has come. Let my peace guard your heart and don’t look down to the many faces looking up. Cling to me in a bond of love. I am drawing you to me, my beloved, my bride.


I am on your side, I go before you and I stand behind. There is no fear in love, I will be your protection and your shield. You are rooted and grounded in Me. Love is as strong as death, it flames are flames of fire. A most vehement flame that is passionate and intense. Surrender every burden to me, my peace will crush every fear. Turn your eyes to me, in this courtship dance like swans.


Swan couples are highly effective fighters, by staying together they protect themselves. There are less aggressive encounters when they stay together as One. Behold you are fair my love, with eyes of devotion behind your veil. I will put a new song in your mouth, full of praise to your God. Many will see where I take you and worship and put their trust in me. I command my loving kindness over you in the daytime and in the night my song dances over you. My branch is beautiful and glorious. I will be a tabernacle of shade for you in the daytime from the heat and a shelter from the storms and rain. Justice will run down like water and my righteousness as a mighty stream.


In my eyes, you are as one who has found peace. If others reject you, they are rejecting me. I will give you the revenge of success and promotion. Do what you know is right and what I have called you to do, even if the world doesn’t approve. You are not responsible for man’s acceptance.


You are handpicked by me for your destiny and purpose. You will be successful in what I have called you to do. I will go with you and you will have my peace of protection. Knowing that I put you in this high place will give you boldness against the opposition. Surrender your worries to me and I will give you rest. Join yourself to me and understand my ways, for I am gentle and I will not do you harm, there is no fear in my love.


Doing my will is worship and to serve me is selfless love. In the secret place, you have caught my eye, where you chose to lay down your plans for mine. When we are together, you have no fear or worry. Lock your eyes with mine and draw yourself near to my love. I will give you a physical manifestation of my flame of love. Like an apple blossom, so beautiful and fragrant in the spring, I am awakening you in my love, under our own apple tree.


As a yielded vessel, turn your attention to me. In the garden of the secret place, I will blanket your heart with my love. You are rising in my favor. You have ravished my heart, with one look from your eyes. The fragrance of your garments is like a white mountain of the purest snow. 


Draw close to me as I raise you up. I will lift you high like a rocket in the sky. Lean into my love, as we take off to fly. I have for us a chariot with purple seats and the interior is paved with love. Your prayers are being answered, for so long you have cried out. Hold onto me and cling to my love. Feel the rumblings around you and let my joy make you strong. Your dreams will become a reality, I have marvelous plans for you. During this take off, let go of all you fear and trust me to take care of you. Arise, my beautiful one and come away with Me. Together we will go higher than your biggest dreams”.





Written by Dannette Lynn

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