I Will Show Up and Show Off For You


A letter from Jesus to those enduring longsuffering in the pregnancy of Promise. 


“Carrying my promise through a long and difficult pregnancy has not been easy, I know. Even when surrounded by doubters with hardened hearts, you held onto my Word with hope. Many have mocked and judged you, as you stood tall and confident in what I have said. The world painted a different picture for you, then what you had expected. The carnal minded have laughed and said, ‘where is your God and where is this promise?’. But my righteous shall live by faith and I have no pleasure in the one who draws back. Out of the whirlwind, I will answer in your defense to say, ‘Here I AM’. For I am HOLY and no eye has perceived a God like me, who acts for the one who waits for me.


I will show up and show off for you through the manifestation of my Word, I will not let you down. Your enemy will see it and be put to shame. Your eyes will see your desire upon the enemy, as I make her trodden down like mire in the streets. Those who mocked your faith will fall down to my feet and you will be exalted. My wind will drive your persecutors away. When you fall, I will lift you up and even in the darkness, I will be your light. You will behold my righteous deliverance. I am the healing hands where you hurt and I am taking away your pain.


Mourning like a dove who makes her nest in the sides of the cave, I am not unfamiliar to your birthing pain. Despised and rejected by man, as a man of sorrows, I am acquainted with grief. Bearing your iniquities and sorrows, the chastisement for your peace was laid upon me. You are engraved upon the palms of my hands, I will not forget my covenant. I am Emmanuel, God with you. I know the way that you take and out of the heat of refinement, you will be dripping in gold. Until the time of fulfillment, the Word has been preparing you for the manifestation of your prophetic dreams coming true.


You are birthing the promise. Being restless is a sign the baby is approaching and like a nesting mother your heart is being prepared for a sudden unexpected change. The pressure all around has been increasing, as the baby lowers to come closer. Wanting to give up and turn back is a normal reaction to the intensity of the labor. Turning back is no longer an option when the baby is full term. Hold on to me, you are giving birth. Birthing pains are not viewed as good, but beneficial because through the pain we receive new life. The benefit of the pain, is at the end of the pain comes the Joy of your promised baby.


I will break your waters, as my Spirit pours out before the manifested Promise. It will be magnificent, as I soothe your pain with my healing love. I am your comforter and I am wrapping you up in my beauty. You will rise from the burning ashes and the dying flames of trials, into the restored youth and beauty of new life. I will place the baby in your arms and you will laugh and be full of joy. From your tears, true love will be born.


Prepare your heart to let go of what you have known and prepare for the new to come. It will be better than you can dream or imagine. These are the waves of change and the rainbow colors blowing in the wind. I will comfort your afflictions with the manifestation of my Spirit. The breaking waters will be a sign that the baby is here. I am the miracle maker, to bring an unusual powerful event caused by my Ruach power. A woman in labor has pain because her time has come, but as soon as the baby is born, the pain is forgotten and she has a joy that the new life has been born. From the birthing pain comes the beauty transformation. 


I will make miracles out of your mess and the voice of your weeping will no longer be heard. Hold on a little longer and hope in my Word, the promise is blooming from within. My love is pouring out, like a celebration of an elaborate feast. A ceremony of achievement to announce the completeness of this birth. With arms wide open, I spread before you a banquet of my love. Decide this day to choose hope instead of drowning in the sorrows and pain. The temporal situations will soon fade away and you will see with excitement that my Love has remained. Many waters cannot quench my love, nor can the floods drown it. I am repainting your life with the rainbow of my promise.


Coming out as gold, you are nearing your time of fulfillment. Like a leaf carried by the wind, I will take away your afflictions. Even to your old age, I will carry you and bear you up. Look at my face with hope and expectancy, I will cause the sun to return upon the time that you have lost. The greatest restoration that you have ever known is close upon you.


I have plans to take care of you, plans to give you the future that you hope for. Trust my ways, even when you don’t understand. Hope for the happy ending, I have not forsaken you. As a woman cannot forget her child, even so, I will not forget you. Every valley shall be exalted and every mountain will be made low. You are not alone, I am with you always. Even when the darkness tries to wrestle with you, I am holding you. Do not fear, but trust in my will. My goodness will overtake every problem that you have.


My faithfulness will never fail, I will always keep my Word. The grass withers, the flower fades but my Word to you is forever. Hold onto hope, I will rescue you and execute my Word. I will show up and silence your accusers with a mighty vindication. I will show off in my brilliance for my faithful ones. No ear has heard any God such as me, who acts on behalf of the one who waits for Him. You will mount up like the eagles and I will raise you up. Your faith in me will be rewarded at the sudden birth of your Promise”.


Written by Dannette Lynn

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