Adjust Your Sails to the Promise

A love letter from Jesus.


“Dear Beloved,

Striving to earn what I have already promised is like being tossed in the waves of the ocean and never reaching the destination. As you settle into what I have already spoken, it will become you. Adjust your thoughts toward the promises, and let the wind catch your sails with fulfillment.

Your thoughts create the path of your life, like the turning sails of a ship. You receive what you focus on, so let your thoughts be only good. When you meditate on the problems, the problems only grow stronger. As you set your mind on Me and the vows I have made, the new creation of who you are will fill the thoughts of your mind and the new will rise up into manifestation.

My victories are yours, there is no separation. I have already died for your mountain, lay your problems at My feet and let them be. Let Me be your worship and the focus of your adoration. I do not lie, faith comes with believing. Satan has no power, except what you give him. Give him no access to your mind, by refusing any negative thought. Instead, see the promises as the object you already possess.

An unearned gift, My grace will lead you home to the land of promise. The promise is a guarantee, a bond between you and Me, that I will establish. What you are seeking has already been given. Faith is knowing that I will bring the fulfillment. It’s an intimate relationship of trust. I am before all things and in Me, all things are held together.

I have granted your petition. Let your heart rejoice in My salvation. I lift up the poor from the ash heap to cause them to inherit the throne of My Glory. For the pillars of the earth belong to the Lord and I have set the world upon them. Smile at your enemies, because your victory has been given. Fix your eyes on Me, the author, and perfecter of your faith.

Setting My words continually before you, sail into the waters of My grace. Wash your mind again and fill it with good things. Pushing out the old you, receive the fullness of the new. Into Heavenly places, you have already ascended. Those things promised, will soon appear, as the Son is rising. Fixing your eyes on the unseen, and not the problems before you. Cast your cares to Me, as my clear waters wash over your soul to melt away the troubles.

I go before you to make the crooked places straight. I have called you by your name and I love you. I break apart the bars of iron and open up the bronze gates. Double doors of favor are open before you, adjust your thoughts to come sailing through. I am good and I will not disappoint you. The heavens are opened to rain out goodness, I will make all things new.

Trust in the promise to carry you safely to shore. As your thoughts are focused on the goodness of My words, beauty will replace the dust of the present conditions. Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you cannot see. I am the faithful Captain to keep you safe at sea.

Come a little closer, settle your soul to trust in the Promise Maker. Don’t let the problems become part of who you are, that is not you anymore. Instead, enforce your thoughts a constant flow of transformation. Every change begins with your mindset.

Charting your course, set your sails on the horizon. It is the placement of the sails, not the direction of the wind, that determines your destination. Breathe in the warm & salty air and bring your dreams into reality by fully resting. Call out those things that are not, to come into full substance. Onward to the sea, refusing any more doubt, because doubt keeps you from moving forward.

All things are possible if you will believe, now your faith is rising. Use your thoughts to steer you into the manifestation. Adjust your sails to the promise and let good thoughts flood your imagination. As you see what you have already been given, Thanksgiving will fill your heart again. Go as fast as your heart desires, the pace is up to you. The more you will believe, the closer the dream will be. Say goodbye to who you were before and venture out into the new land of promise”.

Written by Dannette Lynn